Today in SAD: Vet Soap Actress Struggles with Product Placement


"You're watching The Family Learning Channel... and now, angry ticks fly out of my nipples!"
I thought you guys are already doing product placements, for that banal caffeine-alcohol concoction. Have been seeing its name dropped incessantly.
@2: Do you mean Four Loko™? Because that's not a paid advertisement. How ridiculous! No, I just love that Four Loko™ is packed with taurine and guarana to provide me with that get-up-and-go when I really need to get stoopid. And the caffeine ensures I'll bring the misogyny all night long!

Mmmm. I could sure go for a Four Loko™ or two right now.
30 Rock has awesome product placement. Alec Baldwin gives the most blatant possible pitch for Verizon. Tina Fey looks directly into the camera and says, "can we have our money now?"
But that's how soaps started - they were pitching soap. They're just returning to the traditional values that used to make this country great! DON'T YOU LOVE AMERICA??!!
Is the blonde Allison from The Biggest Loser? She looks suitable ashamed that they're not shilling something healthier like Jennie-O sliced turkey.
You mean you guys weren't being paid for all that Sex at Dawn coverage?

You got ripped off.
I wish all of life required awkward product placements.

By the way, thank you for using thrifty, carbon-neutral, salmon-loving electricity from Your Seattle City Light - where a Kilowatt Hour lasts sixty-seven minutes!
But if you MUST do product placement, why don't they take a lesson from the past?…

I almost feel like going out and getting carton of Kents myself....
@2 FTW. @3 For the Loss.
There's not a hot shower long enough to wash off Wanchai Ferry frozen Chinese food.
my connection is playing this in slow motion; its terrifying.

Sad. It almost looks like a joke. Why don't they just break to a commercial?
This is a joke, right? This has to be a joke... I guess there are no commercial breaks any more - since they appear right in the middle of a TV show, right?
Won't someone please think of the children!
So, I watch this show. This is the second time I've seen them do this and it was just as god-awful the first time (for Midol! because one of the characters had PMS, duh). Well, I take that back. This was worse; I blame the actress for not being able to act worth a damn (yet somehow she was Emmy-nominated twice for this role, and won for another). It's sad because the commercial for this product isn't half bad (talking panda in someone's living room, ha!), but after this horrendous display I'd blacklist this product just on principle.