A Woman Has Needs


Take THAT, Stephen Fry!
Thank the lord I ate already, because that story will put just about anyone off their lunch.
why was she just charged with domestic assault? far less terrifying people have to register as sex offenders.
I will eat your pussy...

But you will blow me first.
This story is so awful I can smell it.
Christ, that happens to me all the time.
This reminds me of a stand up comedian (now dead) who had a story about a rich guy with a speech impediment who couldnt find any women. His friend told him to buy a yacht because all women love boats and the idea was to take the boat several miles out, take the keys out and offer a demmand the women "Put out or swim". So the guy does this, very shy at first, but the women complies and soon after the 5th or 6th time he becames cocky. He takes the boat out drops the keys and says put out or swim. The women goes ok, drops the bikini, but grabs the guy by the hair "Eat it, or swim!", the smell is so horrible sharks die in the water. His friend turns to him and says "my god, what happened?", "Well you didnt hear any stories about someone idiot drowning did ya?".
So why isn't the word rape being used here? If the genders were reversed would we still be making jokes about genital odors? Why is this funny? Because women and men are not seen as equal beings. A woman demanding her "pussy" to be eaten with threat of violence is laughable because we do not take women as seriously as men.
my cat's a compulsive masturbator. christine what should i do?
9 are you a man or woman? its a good question but as a man i just think its gross not rape. but im very very slow to pull out the rape word. in my book there is forced penetration involved.
I'm male. And you're correct, it IS gross. Just like all rape. I'm slow to use the word rape as well. There are always circumstances that can seem vague, but this is not one of them. Really, imagine the tables turned: A guy with a knife, forcing someone to fellate him. That wouldn't be seen as anything other than rape...And I'd classify rape as any forced sexual act, penetration or not.
First of all, there's was no actual forcing, just the threat of forcing, which is still plenty bad.

But rather than threats of forced fellatio, I think a better comparison is a guy threatening to force a woman to eat his butt (i.e. "Stick your face in here," rather than "I'm going to shove this in you.")
Ew!, squared! I knew a woman once who, on a drunk night out, shoved a tampon in without taking another out first. This resulted in an infection with the resulting odor.
Do you ever get that "not so fresh" feeling?
i just ate a dicks cheeseburger that i found in my bag from last night
ahhh the good ol 77 Motor Inn.
@16: "i just ate a dick"
Fixed that sentence for you, seeing as we are talking about axlrose here.
@13: If a man had threatened to cut a woman's throat if she didn't eat his stanky butt, would you have titled the post, "a man has needs?" It seems like that might not have been as well received.