Angry Birds Just Got Weird


Could be worse, could by Zynga's Farmville.

Did you hear Keith Olbermann got suspended for using his constitutional rights?
Angry Birds is awesome. Also, I believe that's Big Ben next to the Empire State Building.
It is my favorite time waster in the world. Did you get the Halloween version too?
I realize it hasn't been ten years yet, but you know, it's probably time to let go of parts of the NYC thing, at least when it starts making you second-guess a goddamn video game.
I must have been corrupted by the more graphically violent and bloody video games. I just find the whole Al-Queda birdies thing to be darkly humorous.
Oh yeah, btw, doesn't the tower on the left of that level look just like the Tower Clock (Big Ben)? Remember Remember the Vth of November.
There's a level where the piggies are on a 'bus'. You have to blow up the bus. I felt a little strange while playing this level. But then I realized its a video game where birds are launched to kill pigs that stole their eggs. I got over it real quick.
That's nothing compared to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, in which you, playing as a CIA operative, infiltrate a terrorist group which goes on massacre an entire airport.
Ugh my boyfriend is addicted to this game...