Want To Tell The New Congress Something?


Oh another one of these "Submit an idea and vote on it" sites. Thousands of ideas, one or two are realistic. With a site like this, most of them will be comical once 4chan gets word of it.
HEY!! Speaker Elect Boner!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE THE JOBS!!!!????!!!!!
One reporter at Tuesday's event wondered why the website address was dot-com instead of dot-gov. McCarthy said the House GOP wanted a website that was more high-tech and secure than government technology would allow.
I laughed out loud at that one. Someone please hack it. Soon.
Mary got it right the first time - I'm sure they have absolutely no interest in hearing what any of us have to say. Don't feel too bad, though. They don't care what most Republicans have to say either.
Hooray, a website! Finally, there's a way for American citizens to have an influence on the means of their governance. Why didn't somebody think of this before?
I couldn't get beyond the first three posts. They're all idiots spouting "facts" like in the Rachel Maddow post earlier.

"Kick the 1 in 5 people in America that are on Welfare off".

"Limit Obama's travel budget so he doesn't get any more $200 million/day vacations".

"Stop paying politicians for life. There is no other job where you can be fired (not re-elected) and keep your salary and all benefits for life."

This is nothing but another resonance chamber for conservative "facts I heard somewhere" to make them truthier.
Just wanted to point out that this isn't a new "we just took over the house" web site. The article is from May, which I think is when they rolled it out.
I'm still waiting for the suggestion I made in "Open Government 2.0" back in '08 to make it through the system...
FUCK. "Looks like a fair [number] of liberals" NOT FUCKING "AMOUNT". I AM NOT A QUANTITY.
I love - LOVE - that the two most popular ideas have to do with common sense ideas that the Republicans will never in a million years go for. Ever.
Stupid bigots wouldn't let me register with the name "QueerInfidel". It's totally appropriate, and only in a country with religious freedom could I openly be an infidel.