Wiggins Wins?


Truth to power and all that, huzzah!
5-15k, and he'll probably win with more, primarily because King County is so under-reported at the SOS's office, and he's picking up over 60% of the late votes in KC.

Justice.... its a bliss feeling when the bad get it and the good prevail. Sanders has hurt our state and many in it by his poor negative hypocritical opinions.

Justice Sanders, your justice will come this week. I am predicting Wednesday we will see the tide turn to Wiggins being in the lead!
Do I dare hope...?
If anything late votes should trend even more toward Wiggins, since the Times' unendorsement of Sanders came well after ballots had been mailed.
I'll second the kudos to Eli et al. It is a beautiful thing when you darlings get it right.
Ha! I was working my way down from the top of the page and hadn't seen this yet when I commented on the similar post. My comment echoes your post kind of a LOT!
@2 - Really interested in your analysis, michaelp. I've been doing the same thing since last week, and I started a blog over the weekend to post some analysis and in-depth look at some of the numbers. I'd love to compare notes with you and see how our models line up. If you're interested, check out the blog at http://sanderswiggins.blogspot.com/ and shoot me an e-mail - if you're at all interested, I'd love to share the space with you!