Re: Wiggins Wins (Plus a Special Message from Justice Richard B. Sanders, Who Seems to Be Preparing to Challenge the Election Results)


So... Counties other than King County are holding ballots because the ballots can't be authenticated, and this is stealing the election?

Stay classy conservatives. Stay classy.
Um... As much as I dislike Sanders, his message seems an appropriate response to a close election. Make sure all your votes get counted. I would hope the Wiggins campaign is making similar preparations.
It would rock if Wiggins won!

I think in this case it might be appropriate for the Stranger to take the credit considering the margin and all the good work refuting your earlier endorsement of Sanders etc...

Yea journalism!
He has a baby head
@2 -- "Don't Let Wiggins Steal This Election" is appropriate?
I believe I saw Justice Sanders walking around Green Lake this afternoon. He was walking with a companion, holding her hand. The sun was shining at the lake, and Justice Sanders had a beatific smile on his face. It was like he didn't have a concern in the world.
I like that the PS is just a condensed version of everything else in the e-mail.
Don't Let Wiggins Steal This Election

Another low from Sanders. Ugh.

Wiggins doesn't seem like as much of an in-your-face dickhead as Sanders, which I suppose is the only reason to care.
It does seem like "getting more votes" = "stealing the election" to a lot of conservatives. According to Eastern Washingtoners, King County stole Rossi's senate seat in much the same way.
I wonder how many of those 17,000 are from King County? I do hope that ballot chasing happens for King as well!

I have done ballot chasing before, its hard to get people to volunteer to do it and it can be costly. I think I am going to contact the Wiggins camp tomorrow and see if I can help him ballot chase! :) I wouldn't want Sanders stealing this race away from Wiggins now.
These ballots are being set aside, and not counted, and many of them are votes for Sanders.

"Many of them are votes for Sanders"!

How does he know that?

You are right. I ballot chased for Gregoire the first race. My partner and I were a high achievers, rehabbing 5 or 6 votes in the course of hours. a lot of doors knocked on, because most of them aren't home. Then a couple more between 8 and 10:30 pm.

I can't quite remember how it went down. I think there was no way to tell if they had voted for Gregoire or not, but if someone on our list was home, we maybe asked them if they were Gregoire supporters and if so we carried in their paperwork, but not if they weren't Gregoire supporters. Oh, hell I can't quite remember the procedure, but very time consuming....
@11, it doesn't really matter. What matters is, if there are X rejected ballots for signature, all of those go back to the voter, and Sanders is working to make sure that all returned Sanders votes get authenticated. If rejected Wiggins votes don't get re-submitted at the same rate as rejected Sanders votes, Sanders gets a big advantage.

Hint: if your vote got rejected for signature, as mine did, RETURN YOUR PAPERWORK.
Does michaelp's calculation account for the 25% undervote on the supreme court race? Only 75% of voters turning in ballots vote on this race.
I guess it's a little late to add this, but you could, like, y'know, make sure to sign your damn ballot in the first place.
I checked online using the strip of paper that came with my ballot and the online service says nothing yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my vote to wiggins has not been counted yet. However the signature I know is probably somewhat different than what is on file since i signed my card when i was 18. Has anyone else not been able to get their status at the site below or the correct one for your county?…
As I posted on "can Wiggins win" page on Friday....Wiggins wins by at least 6,000 votes. My prediction is not as large as that made my "michaelp" becasuse - among other things - I use county specific rates for % with a vote for justice on the ballot. "michaelp" used 78% but - for example - in King County it is closer to 74%. Based on recent drops, I'd say it will be closer to 8,000...but least 6,000
I just checked in with the Wiggins race. They are not in the process of ballot chasing yet..... We shall see! I told them to call me when or if it is needed. If Charlie wins enough votes in the end ballot chasing may not even matter if its a wide enough gap!
@15, I signed my goddamn ballot. The twats at the county elections office think my signature is too weird looking. The bank doesn't seem to mind.
I've had mine rejected before too. For us oldsters, our signature sometimes changes a bit over time. I first signed my WA voter registration more than 25 years ago. My signature is still more-or-less the same, but is subtly different. Depending on how closely it is scrutinized, and by whom, it may look different enough to be rejected.
19 The banks don’t check signatures unless there is a problem. It's cheaper to just pay an occasion forgery than to check them all. On the otherhand ballot signatures are checked by amateur volunteers, or underpaid temps often with an agenda. You can't count on unpaid/underpaid volunteers/temps. Some friends of mine have done signature verification during elections. It's interesting to here how its done.
I just checked my voting history at the King County website and it doesn't show that I voted in the 2010 election.

At first, I thought that was normal, as I voted day of, in person, but upon review of the play, it is a little odd that it hasn't been counted yet.
Fnarf. Yep. Banks use computers. Elections uses trolls. Trolls might in fact be just as good but to manage trolls you need to make sure they are doing their job, and you do that by making sure that the rejection rate comes in at around the usual 3%. Banks reject unmatched signatures. Trolls reject the worst 3% of matches.
Or, it could just be that there are a much larger portion of illiterates & lazies among Sanders' supporters than there are among Wiggin's supporters.

Just sayin'.
@14 -

Yes, yes it does. I won't get into the extreme details again (see previous comment threads), but there is reductions for under-votes, over-votes, rejected signatures and machine counting error.
the easy way to solve this problem? SIGN YOUR FUCKING BALLOT.

Oh, and that kangaroo stole my ball.
@14 - the undervote is definitely a critical factor. To make matters more interesting, the vote percentage actually decreased in every single county between Thursday and Friday last week, and it continues to trend downward. To make matters more interesting, there has been a 2-5% shift in nearly every county between Thursday and Friday from Sanders towards Wiggins. So it's certainly conceivable that Wiggins can catch Sanders and overtake him, but there's at least one decent conservative model based on that undervote number that shows that King county may not be able to completely swing the balance to Wiggins.

If you (or anyone else) is interested in seeing some further statistics and analysis on the race, check out

I had my signature rejected on ballots so many times I thought about getting a legal name change to X for one day, attach a photocopy of the legal name change to new voter registration and signing as X forever.

It wasn't a big deal when the elections department was downtown. I could swing by while doing other stuff going on downtown, but once they moved to Renton it became such a PITA to go verify the signature. Secret they told me once: you can sign as many signature cards as you want and they'll hoard them all and check for "discrepancies" against the ballot signature. I signed a few as "motherfucker" and "X" and other obscenities specifically directed at whoever was checking signatures. I haven't had a ballot rejected since. I don't care how rude I appear to be to some retard, partisan flunky, felon doing community service or old person with too much time on their hands. I never want to go to Renton during "office hours" again.
My wife and I voted for Wiggins and dropped our ballots in the Ballard drop box on election day. Tracker shows ballots received but not counted. Strange. I would have thought all the outstanding ballots at this point were ones postmarked on election day and received in the mail days later--what takes them so long to count ballots they have in hand on election night? Oh well, there's at least 2 votes for Wiggins left to count--and if there's still a whole cart full of other Ballard votes I'd say it really is looking good for him.
Way to stay on topic, Naive White Libtarded Seattle Progressive!
@31 - All the naive white Seattle libtards got mad at Judge Sanders because he said that the main reason that blacks are "disproportionately represented" in prison is because they commit more crimes.

Judge Sanders was correct. Only a reality-ignoring, fact-denying naive white Seattle libtard would dispute Sanders' statement.

Therefore, I am staying on topic.
Now I'm not from Washington so this may seem like a dumb question. If I were to vote there but I was too much of a fucking retard to do it right (didn't sign it, didn't fill it out right, cum stain obscured the vote, etc) people will come to my house to let me try again? Are you fucking kidding me? Will they also hold your hand to help you fill in the oval? Jesus people, if you can't do a simple thing like signing your goddamned name then I don't think I want your vote diluting the pool. For that matter, I don't think I want your genes diluting the pool.
@33 -

A big problem is actually signatures that "don't match". The people who determine if the signatures match tend to err far too much on the side of caution (IMO). I have my ballot tossed all the time because the signature doesn't match, and have to fix it.
Michaelp, I don't know where you got your knack of behaving circumspectly toward thread-ignoring dimwits, but @34 shows you're in fine form this morning.
35 - I think you just insulted me, but I can't tell.
The unsigned ballots are from people who would have voted for Prop 19 if they lived in Cali.

Or old people.

michaelp for the Triumph the Insult Dog win!
Last updated on 11/8/2010 4:30 PM in the State Judicial Race Charlie Wiggins is now behind by a mere 1820 votes 288,413 votes left to count: King County supplies an estimated 125000 of those remaining.
It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes. Richard Sanders, constitutionalist, freedom-lover, good luck against the tyrannical statists, looking for any way to get you out of that position!

The color of murder and gun violence in New York

By Jonathan Capehart
Nov. 10, 2010

"In short, 95.1 percent of all murder victims and 95.9 percent of all shooting victims in New York City are black or Hispanic. And 90.2 percent of those arrested for murder and 96.7 percent of those arrested for shooting someone are black and Hispanic. I don't even know where to begin to describe the horror I still feel looking at those numbers. But the word "hunted" comes to mind."