Chile's Marathon Man


That will come in handy when we travel to Mars. Endurance in space is the ultimate test of the human body and mind.
Perhaps it is my affinity for tests of psychological endurance that continues to compel me to click on Mudede's links. How much more can I despair for humanity, for the idiotic drivel they can produce? How long can I take this bullshit before I lose it entirely?

Let us find out together.
Good Morning Charles,
Very prescient of you regarding the Chilean miner's participation in the NYC marathon. I agree. Human endurance is quite extraordinary.
Sorry, Charles, you're still a pretentious asshole. And I'm not going to bother registering to comment on one of your posts.
Has Mr. Mudede ever been clinically diagnosed with any type of psychological disorder? I mean, he's entertaining and smart and all , but the more I read of his, the more I think he is cuh-razy.
Fascinating little tidbit about the miner joining the marathon. Truly a remarkable person. Or possibly an example of how people in general are capable of remarkable feats.

But this incredible guy and what he can do has nothing to do with you, Charles.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Charles is a pathological, narcissistic, borderline-psychopath. A man is stuck in a mine shaft deep below the surface for two months than immediately runs a marathon. So clearly this is about Charles and his irrelevant, self-aggrandizing blog posts. What? If the Stranger pays you $5 a month for your insights and wisdom, they are getting bilked.

Charles, you got shit all over your lips from kissing your own ass. On your way back from cleaning your mouth, check out Galileo in the encyclopedia. You might be amazed to learn what the Earth truly revolves around.
charles is so stupid he posted his own drivel twice.
If he didn't enter the marathon, would we still see a post from you regarding your older post?
Humans are masters of adaptability, not of endurance. I suspect that title goes to some Artic marine mammal, or bears.