Big Daddy GOP


I suspect very strongly that Bush is using "qualified" as a synonym for "moneyed" as he and Palin have no other non-cosmetic differences.
Two things about this story.

1. I agree with George W. Bush. I don't expect this to ever happen again.

2. George W. Bush, of all people, thinks she is unqualified for the presidency. That's got to sting. Maybe his idea of "qualified" includes coming from old money, but still... ouch.
she's over 35 and an american citizen. she's qualified. she just wouldn't be any good at the job because she's fucking retarded.
The Republicans don't think women are qualified because they're only women, therefore inherently lesser beings. Democrats don't think that these particular women are qualified because they're only women - not thinkers, not experienced, defiantly ignorant.
Ah, yes, but who really is qualified? I've got my doubts about the idiot who has the job now too.
Charles's first, buggered link should be this:…

What a lot of sexist garbage from SLOG.
And it's not even over abortion rights. These women are against a woman's right. This election has seen the first drop in the number of women in congress in something like thirty years. It's women that need to wake up to the dangers of the right.
Gee, @7, Sharron Angle seems to be excluded from that cozy little trinity, loser though she is. Whyever not, do you suppose?
Or, "Whyever could that be, do you suppose?"

Snark is unnatural and difficult for me.
@11 I know, Ken. He thinks Repugnantcans should go back to bashing gays instead.
knowing what we know about palin, this will never happen.

bachmann and o'donnell can only take market share away from sarah palin in the "useless pair of unattainable tits spouting ignorance for money" circuit.

plus, we all know what happens when two attention whores compete for the queen spot. it's but a matter of time before they attempt to destroy each other.

this could be fun.

It's not women who vote for Republicans. It's white men.

I think we've got a pitch for next season's hit reality series: "America's Top Whack-Job Wannabe Presidential Candidate".
Why do black men almost always reduce everything down to "muh dick"?
Oh, Hey, NWLSP! Do you have a scientific study for us on that? Or perhaps some statistics?