Olbermann Back Tomorrow


Keith is my favorite nerd.
He knew damn well what the policy was. Just because FOX lets its people do whatever we want - doesn't mean the rest of the world should stoop to their level.
The man has a THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT and he can't follow the rules?
Give me a break.
His "punishment" is a joke.
whatever THEY want. is what i meant.
we need real journalists. there isn't one left in this country. who knows if there is one left in the world.
That'll teach him - next time he should refuse to accept millions of dollars from a news organization that has stringent (if rarely enforced) ethical codes. He could join Slog instead, supplement his income with some college speaking gigs.
Never a need to worry about Keith. He's got the kind of smarm to go anywhere in the Radio Shack organization anytime he chooses. And nobody is fooled that people are happy to see him back. You just have to be on his side because he's on your side and that's what cable news has been reduced to.
NBC has effectively discredited him as a national voice in the political debate - which was probably the intention. he will leave MSNBC sooner rather than later. 'lean forward' means less than nothing, which is what they want.

@6 whut? They've done nothing of the sort. There is no such thing as bad publicity for basic cable pundits, remember.
@2, no, he DIDN'T know what the policy was, and the fact that you're saying it suggests that the brainwashing is successful. The policy isn't "no political donations", it's "no political donations to Democrats", as more than one MSNBC employee including Joe Scarborough has donated to Republicans before without repercussions.

Donate to Democrats = suspended
Donate to Republicans = biz as usual
MSNBC = total hypocrites.

I hope Olbermann goes over this in detail on his first show back.
The real victims here are the television viewing public. People like me. I feel like I've been hurt by this man and nobody has done anything to address what to do about my pain.

I need closure here and I'm still waiting for closure.

Companies implement all sorts of stupid, pointless and largely unenforceable policies that almost no employees actually follow: like the one your company most likely has regarding not goofing off on the Interwebs when you're supposed to be working.
@10, exactly, and if they decide to enforce it suddenly I can be pissed off and quit, or take my lumps. Nobody's dying here.
He should replace Leno.
In the real world we call this an unpaid vacation.

I hope he partied.
@3 Oh come now, there are plenty of real journalists left in America. The corporatocracy just doesn't like to see them on the boobtube with such a large potential audience, is all.
I'm not a fan of Olbermann. Too heavy handed for me. But, I'm not surprised. It's going to be a ratings bonanza for MSNBC.
@7: i think they want to disengage their brand from him, at the very least. in a nod to sentimentalist liberals like Stewart.
@16, "sentimentalist"? That's new to me.
I like Olberman sometimes, though like lark(#15), he can be a bit over-the-top for me, too. I don't look at it as news-casting, though, I look at it as snarky news commentary, like The Daily Show, only not quite as good. I find Maddow to be much more heavy-handed.

@14: Greg Palast, though he's also a left-wing activist (hard not to be if one is sufficiently informed :-D ). Of course, he's not IN America any more, since no news organization would hire him here; he had to go work for BBC.

@16: "Sentimentalist" confused me too; care to elaborate or explicate your meaning?
Food for thought -- what was possibly prompting this whole fiasco to begin with: Sen. Sanders wants Comcast-NBC deal halt….
@8 - Here's another total hypocrite - Rachel Maddow:


Her idiotic rant actually claimed that MSNBC is not a political operation. What a smug lying Marxist lesbian liberal!

Dont forget Lesbian Vampire!!
KO apologizes to us, but not to MSNBC: Olbermann Apologizes To Viewers -- And S…
@10 nice try but i am disabled and no longer able to work so can be on the internet as much as i want. when i worked, the policy was not to be on the internet and guess what i was able to control myself and not be on the internet while at work. yes there are lots of stupid policies at work. people who like their jobs typically follow the stupid policies. apparently KO gets to break the rules AND keep his thirty million dollar job. lucky him.
Not exactly a surprise. This whole thing was clearly a publicity stunt, meant to highlight the shitty hypocracy of Fox News. I mean it was awful considerate of them to wait until the Friday after the elections to "punish" him. Fox News is shitty is the point.
@20: Inkabunga wankee, pateesa!
See, Lord Basil, I speak your language.