Lunchtime Quickie: "Intelligent" Christians



Want an alternative lifestyle? I spent Holloween with my daughter, my ex-wife, her boyfriend, his kids, their mother, my girlfriend, and some friends.

Talk about confusing for children.

Where's the video about the effect of divorce on children? Why aren't the Christians all up in arms about that?
When did Chris Angel start playing for the God Squad?
And just exactly why do we have to have "standards" for who can and can't marry? Just another example of the church (not God) being about power more than anything else.
If you could be "counseled" out of being black, then racism would be okay?
They seem obsessed with incest.
Apparently "intelligent" Christians" are people who make unreasonable and incomplete arguments. The denial of reality and an admiration for ignorance is maddening to me.
"Intelligent" Christians? Not the ones I have seen, with a few exceptions.

"Intelligent" Christians like the ones in the GOP/TP remind me of educated dog turds.

good production values christians! always trying to appear legitimate!
holy fucking shit, this is making my head spin. one could write a book in response to every completely fucking insane "point" that is made in this video. I am angry simply for having added to this video's view-count.

One more thing. How the hell is the first guy in the video - the douchy, tommy lee-looking guy - qualified to give advice??? Not that the rest of them are making any sense. I guess what I'm saying is, AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Rent is 2 damn high party feels I want to marry a shoe, I'll marry it.
Michael Jackson was pretty much surgeried out of his blackness.
I glossed over the quotes around "intelligent" and thought these would be real rational Christians. How disappointing...
i would gladly kill any/all of these people with my bare hands.
Ridiculous lady at the end of the video, how is it offensive to compare gay marriage to interracial marriage? If you can tell a dude not to love another dude, why can't I tell a black person not to love a white person?
I couldn't make it past 30 seconds. Did I miss anything new?

People can't be counseled out of being black, but they can be counseled out of engaging in miscegenation, which is merely a behavior and a lifestyle choice.
Intelligent Christians are those with 2 digit IQs.
You know, we always hear "I can't change being black" from these xtian folks, but is that really true? I mean, maybe you could make a black person pass for a white person.

1) Dye hair
2) Colored contacts
3) Skin bleaching to literally make their skin "white"
4) Simple cosmetic surgery

No self-respecting black person in the world would do this to themselves to fit in. But that's not the point. The question is, is it possible?

After all, if you make a 'black' person look 'white' enough so that most people believe they are white...well, is that changing their race? If it is, then why isn't racism ok? If it isn't, then why do they think that making gay people 'act straight' is the same as really changing them?
Christianity, in particular Catholicism, is responsible for Western Culture. Christianity has contributed more to liberal arts over the past 1500 years than any other religion or group of non-believers.
dressing up bullshit with a black background, digital effects, and attractive young people doesn't make it any less bulltshitty.
Yep. We got standards about who can get married, which is why convicted serial killers, like Ted Bundy, can get married while incarcirated. Supreme Court said it's their fundamental right. Glad to know the ReligiousFreaks got Ted's back.
If I'm married to my wife, but I'm banging a hotter, younger woman, can I divorce my wife and marry my new squeeze?

And if I divorce my wife to marry my mistress, can I act all Christian and shit, just like my personal hero, Newt Gingrich?
@21: You're glossing over the fact that the Church was a major art patron only so far as the artists created works of art that furthered church ideas, and even then, that art was censored. There were artists whose entire job was to paint strips of floating cloth over the naughty bits of the previous artist's subjects, to make the local Church official happy.
Don't forget to flag the video as inappropriate, ladies and gentlemen :)
21 oversimplify much? yeah yeah institutional christianity was the only form of hierarchical civilization for a thousand years, but that was what we call the dark ages. and if you really believe your last sentence, especially that is more than just dressing, you are just wrong.
21 christianity has also tortured more people than any other institution
21 oh wait i see you are just a racist idiot. nevermind, have fun out there, dont hurt anyone crazypants!