The Most Awesome Football Play Ever (Middle-School Edition)


Brilliant play! Loved seeing that. At least one member of the defense can hold his head up, No. 19. Though, I wonder if the quarterback hadn't started running if any of them would have realized what was going on? Love to see that in college or pro and see if it would work!
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Would that be legal in college or professional play?
Why did that work?
why wouldn't it be legal in college play?
3: side-snaps are legal, yeah. Nobody would ever let him get away with moving the ball over the line, though. He'd be creamed.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't think that it's sending the kids the right message about how to get ahead, but on the other hand it's pretty funny.
I believe that in College or Professional football, the Defensive line would jump the moment the Center moved the ball. Wouldn't work.
@6 It sends completely the right messages. Think ahead. Don't be afraid to be sneaky, as long as you're not cheating. Don't let your guard down just because something looks innocent. I thought it was freaking awesome.
@6 beat me to it. Loved the play, by the way. I agree with @8.
Yeah... It wouldn't work in upper levels simply because everyone would jump the second the ball moved and that side snap would likely be fumbled and recovered by the defense.

I loved it though! Trick plays are one of those things... You LOVE 'em if your team is doing them, and HATE 'em if they're done to you.

Hell... The Seahawks used to run trick plays all the time with Jack Patera as coach.
great fucking sport. baseball is over basketball is in a gym nothing else compares.
@10 - Clarification - you LOVE them if you're team is doing them and they WORKor the opposing team is doing them and they DON'T.
Hate if your team is doing them and they fail, hate them if the opposing team is doing them and they work.
@8: fair enough, I guess.

The team that pulled this play apparently lost despite it, so the takeaway isn't "being sneaky beats hard work" in any case.
Whoops, looks like they tied. I guess my comment holds.
Like the "immaculate conception" excuse for your "virgin" wife getting pregnant, no one will ever be able to use this trick again.

Very well played!
The only people who value hard work in and of itself are those not smart enough to figure out how to accomplish things with less effort. Efficiency is the name of the game and if you can get the same result with half the work or by outsmarting others, well then you are the one that wins.
@16: I'm not saying that it's an invalid lesson.

I'm suggesting that it might not be the best lesson to be teaching 6th and 7th graders. Similarly, even if they can get passing grades by reading the Cliff's Notes instead of the actual books, they should probably shouldn't be encouraged to do so.
Dang, there's no apostrophe in Cliffs Notes. Ah, well.
@17, but the lesson isn't "be sneaky", it's "pay attention". It's only a football game; the lesson learned is more important than that.
Where was the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct? That kid totally went to the ground during his celebration!
@17: Oh, the lesson the opposing team learned (or, at least, the lesson that was reinforced to them in a stronger way) was certainly valuable.

So it's at least half worthwhile.
@17 if they can earn a passing grade reading the Cliff Notes then the problem is not the students, its the teacher.

I think we should expect people to always take the easiest route to the goal they want. The trick is to set high goals for them and demand they accomplish a lot.
I think the lesson this teaches kids is "sometimes the solution is simple."

Or maybe "some tricks only work once, so make it count."
The lesson learned is don't be afraid to be daring and to think outside the box, even in football. Brilliant work, and no, it wouldn't work vs any decent college team or any pro team.

But if people didn't try lunatic things, we would never have seen new ideas like the zone blitz, wildcat, or west coast offense in football, or the triangle offense in basketball, or other innovations.
A comment on Reddit broke down why this is technically illegal:…
@25: Where is the part where it says it was technically illegal? I read just the opposite.

Also, those are NFL rules and may not apply to school ball.

@25: there was a forward motion of the QB's hands and arms during the snap. They aren't supposed to be moving between the time the center moves the ball and the time it leaves his hands, I think.
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Don't know if it is technically legal or not. I do know this; when I was in 7th grade, I played center. I weighed 102 lbs, btw. Anyway, I was a spaz, and always nervous about fucking up, so I'd forget the snap count sometimes. If it was on 2, sometimes I'd snap it on 1, meaning I was the only guy that moved. I got called for a false start every time. It seems like a similar situation as in the video, nobody but the center and the quarterback moved. I'm not as much of a spaz now.
@8 said:

It sends completely the right messages. Think ahead. Don't be afraid to be sneaky, as long as you're not cheating. Don't let your guard down just because something looks innocent. I thought it was freaking awesome.

I disagree. The play was funny and entertaining but lacks sportsmanship. The play was effective because the QB acted as if he was stopping the play. Therefore he exploited the other team's willingness to stop the play as well. The other team clearly thought the play was over or that something had gone awry. Legal or not I think it was cheap and showed a complete lack of sportsmanship. The ends do not justify the means, etc., etc. YMMV.
I think this sends the message: "As long as you stick to the letter of the law or rules you can do whatever you want. Don't worry about sportsmanship or ethics - that's for sissies and wimps. Nice guys finish last".