Wiggins Wins


Super duper, can't wait to see it reflected on the State site because even though you're looking at trends anything can and probably will happen. *fingers crossed*
Hooray, another lying, bigoted piece of dung thrown from office!
yea yea yea...we all knew this, we are just waiting for everyone else to get on the Wiggins Train to justice (sorta).

Now we go after Alexander’s seat to get a good hard progressive in there...shit I would be happy with someone NOT a bigot!
@J - you know, Gregoire gave us Debra Stephens, and thus far, I am pleased. I'm still betting that Spearman is on the short list, though.
Credit where it's due, Goldy: michaelp called this race first on Slog. Will be interested to see which one of you most accurately predicted the spread, though.
Ugh...I'm going to have to delete myself from here when all is said and done. Thank god Lawyers don't read the rag known as the Stranger.

And it's on! After today's numbers drop, I'll make a final prediction, and avoid a large range!!!
Okay, my final prediction isn't that far off of Goldy's - closest including going over?

On the low end, Wiggins will win with at LEAST at 10,019 vote margin, at least 50.25-49.75

The more realistic scenario, however (and I have made all sorts of updates to my model to get to this) - Wiggins wins with approximately 12,012 more votes that "Justice" Sanders, 50.31-49.69.

And I still stand by my Murray winning with 52.4% when all is said and done, although it looks like that may have been a low guess.