They Call It the "Wuppertal Schwebebahn"


A hot boy from Wuppertal took me for a ride on that in 2000. It was cool, but it would have been more fun if it went faster and swung out more on the curves. Then again, it's transit, not a thrill ride. :)
Wuppertal doesn't have a US twin. Seattle?
What do you mean, not the most attractive? That thing is GORGEOUS. And there's plenty of room on those streets for pedestrians, traffic, and parking. Running it over the river is genius too.
It makes a great cameo in the film "The Princess and the Warrior." Same actor/director as in Run Lola Run.
I think it's great. I'd like to see one on every arterial in every city in the U.S. That and electric cars would put the Middle East and OPEC right where they belong: in the trash with rotting meat and other unmentionable garbage.
@4 Didn't the movie start out with a ride on it? I remember wondering at the time (10 years ago) why we couldn't do something so cool in Seattle.
If Pina Bausch were a form of transportation, this would be her.
Why, yes... just imagine if there were a group of people who had come together, and decided to ask citizens if they would support building a beautiful monorail, leaving plenty of room below for pedestrians and street vendors, and placed a proposal on the ballot to build it. Maybe it could even connect the two areas of the city most affected by the Viaduct replacement construction. What an amazing thing that would be....