Zadie Smith on Facebook, The Social Network, and Everything Else


fuck facebook. i'm over it. i've blocked most of my shit on there and i am slowly taking everything off of it. kinda like my old myspace account, which i haven't checked in years.
the only truly handy thing about it - and it's a habit that i should be better about abruptly quitting - is the link-sharing ability from my browser toolbar.
Good stuff. Nice to see her carrying some of the sentiments of David Foster Wallace forward.
Love Zadie Smith's work. I even named my collie-lab mix Zadie. ;-)
So true Paul. Thanks for blogging this.
Sweet read!
This was a very good read. Thanks for the recommendation.
Like Zadie Smith, I didn't recognize that the Winklevoss twins were being played by one actor either. Does that make me a "1.0 person", even though I'm a year younger than Mark Zuckerberg and 10 years younger than Smith? I guess I should feel lucky to be an old soul rather than a "2.0 person", whose capacity to love -- or even summon adequate grief for murder victims -- has been diminished by the advent of Facebook.