Who Will Collect the Nobel Peace Prize?


Give it to Obama again! Why not???


Obama Administration Claims Unchecked Authority To Kill Americans Outside Combat Zones

Federal Court Hears Arguments Today In ACLU And CCR Case Challenging Administration's Claimed Authority To Assassinate Americans It Designates Threats
Well, hell, I'll be happy to go accept it for him. I don't give a shit what China thinks.
At some point China will realize it needs to act like an adult if they are to take their place as a respected global partner. Until then I declare they can kindly go fuck themselves.
"I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize."

-- Steven Wright
They should give it to Karzai and pull out all the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan while he's in Norway accepting it.
The Secretaries of State or Foreign Ministers of the G 20 nations, excluding China of course, should go en masse to Oslo and accept the award in Liu Xiaobo's name. The prize could then be held in trust for him and or spent per his instructions. that would be a nice snub.
Ha, China thinks it can pressure other nations into not making it look bad on human rights? Sorry guys, but that privledge is still reserved for world's #1 economy.

I expect The Hague to finally file war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney & Rummy about 5 minutes after we lose the top spot.
@7 you and me both.

Remember, you can find the Bush memoirs in the True Crime section of your fave bookstore.
Nelson Mandella?