Sarah Palin's Alaska Offspring


Trash begets trash.
Wow... sounds like they'll be keeping pace with McCain any day now :-P
This family just keeps giving.
As an aside, the speed with which she went from "my baby daddy" to "my families [sic] success" is just astonishing. What a ... mindset. Yeah, that's the word.
@2, At least McCain's family knows what apostrophes are.
will mama bear take the bait?
One way tickets for the entire family to Mars.
Is there anyone out there who is surprised by this? C'mon, let's see a show of hand.

Anyone? Anyone?

I didn't think so.
Sarah's smart to stash all the cash she can. That gene pool is only going down. They're going to need all the help they can get.

And for the life of me, I can't figure why we *never* hear anything about her war hero oldest son, who I guess is now out of the army. You'd think she'd be pimping him at every opportunity.
Did you really expect anything different? I mean, really? These kids are behaving exactly the way they've been raised to behave. Their mother is a savvy, narcissistic redneck who firmly believes that education and knowledge are very bad things, which--no big surprise--leads to pregnancy at 15 and a belief that people who aren't both straight and white are scary. Willow and Bristol are what you get when you cross Paris Hilton with one of the Trailer Park Boys.
"Your such a faggot" would be awesome on a t-shirt.
@9 -- I thought there was some implication that maybe the army wasn't too excited about him coming back after his contract ended?

In any case, I know this was the internet, but...oh, the grammar. I'm still cringing.
@12 Sarah Palin doesnt no what your talking about.
Sarah Palin has begun the downward trajectory of her arc of fame. In another 2 or 3 years, everyone will hate her.
I would laugh at the ridiculousness (and poor grammar) of those kids, but I'm too busy being freaked out that people actually listen to, and agree with, Sarah Palin.
So... are all the spelling and grammar errors a result of:
1. home schooling
2. the Alaska public education system
3. Palin genes

English Fail.
You'll all be sorry when Bristol wins Dancing With The Stars!!!
How is talking about her sucky show equate to this: "she felt like she was being attacked along with her family"?
I don't know why people hate the Palins so much, there are pregnant teens everywhere are you going to run them down too.Mrs. Palin is a very good person and her kids are normal teens, is the problem that she believes in GOD and stands up for what the bible says is right.I know that sex before marriage is wrong but everyone makes mistakes can't people just leave them alone.If you want to talk about someone try the so called president of the US, he's the idiot.I mean have you watched the news and read the papers he is running our country in the ground.At least if Sarah Palin was president the country would have values and morals and the economy would be better and the country would be turned backed to GOD, which is what our country was founded on!

Like my Dad used to say, they're only fighting because they like him.
Where is the mention of tonight's DWTS results?
@ 19: Troll. Or dumb. Though, there's no reason it can't be both.

@9: Perhaps he's the only one of that troupe with any damn shame.
Bristol got most of her "you'res" and "you'lls" correct. I'm guessing she was dictating her hate speech to her publicist, who did all the typing into Facebook (whilst also spelling correctly because SHE probably went to college).
Important question of the evening...

Who is the better actor, Bristol or The Situation?…
christyhun2 @19: Madam, you're no Loveschild.
What Willow doesn't know yet is that by the time she's 18, there will be no room for her in the spotlight and that none of her ~families~ money is even hers. Enter the anger, alcoholism, and resentment for her mom and sister and how they abandoned her for their careers.

I look forward to this playing out, now that I know she is a homophobe. I will relish her ~families~ demise now.
I linked this story on Facebook (meta, no?), and the following discussion arose:
Friend of mine: I see someone failed to teach their daughter not to be an ignorant twat.
My GF: Their mother is an ignorant twat. They learned all of their attitude from her.
Me: It's not even the homophobia, it's just the general bitchiness.

You guys are just mad cause there success your jealous of. They have tv shows and there moms the governer of Alaska and you're life's are going nowhere. Their better then you anyways so lol.

Therr just sticking up for there familys so stfu.
Will Sarah fire Willow? Remember Sarah wanted Obama to fire Emmanuel for using the word "retarded".

In a statement on her Facebook page, Palin asked: "Are you capable of decency, Rahm Emanuel?"

So, can we now ask Willow and BabyMama: "Are you capable of decency, Palin Sisters?"
Huh. Huh. UR all so GAY. GAY!
"And actually I do work my ass off. I've been a single mom for the last two years."

translation: because my vagina works & my family is filthy rich, I must have a strong work ethic.

Sarah is an airheaded, slutty, "Bravo-Tango" couch cover. Period. That goes for all the other females who trail around after the GOP/TP, too.
Isn't Willow the kid Palin dragged out of school so she could be used as a cute prop for the presidential campaign?

@19, I really hope you're being sarcastic.

Hey, timeout.

She's 16.

Isn't against the law to be reading and printing her chat conversations (in some states, not Washington).
@28, I see you went to the same grammar school as Willow.
@19: If that was satire, it was at best mildly amusing and at worst, a pretty obvious way to respond to this article.

If you were serious, it serves as further proof of why people should have to take a test proving they get their news somewhere other than Fox before they are allowed to vote.
I wonder what dinner parties are like when they have guests over who have the indecency to mention their own opinions.
@28 for being either the best satire in the thread or the most illiterate slog post since @19.

Either way you win. Congrats. Hope you can figure this out.
There's nothing noteworthy about stupid kids flaming each other on messageboards. These kinds of conversations make up more than half the content on an MMO forum.
sixteen year old girl says stupid things, news at 11
#19, in case you were serious...

Nobody here thinks that premarital sex is wrong. What is wrong is pushing the idea that premarital sex is wrong while also trumpeting the fact that you are a mother because of it and somehow better than others at the same time.

Overall, it's the galling mix of willful ignorance combined with the hypocritical preaching that makes Momma and the Sisters Palin stupid bitches.
obsessing over the adventures of teenage white trash is also very classy, Dan.

get a life.
From TMZ:
Sources connected to the Palin family tell us ... Willow normally doesn't use this type of language, but she felt like she was being attacked along with her family. The source added it was the baby bear defending Mama Grizzly.
Man, those Palins are retarded.
Sorry, I should have done a grammar check.

Man, those Palin's are retarded.

There, all better.
The Palins: The ultimate example of people who can dish it but can't take it, not even a bit.
Why the hell do people give a shit what some teenager posts on Facebook? Whatever happened to giving politican/celeb kids a pass.
why- some of our best and brightest homosexuals use the word 'faggot' incessantly.
wonder what The Kid is posting online.......
Sarah's show didn't do too bad.....

"The first episode shattered TLC's rating records, drawing nearly 5 million viewers.

Hey, Doorknob Danny, epitome of class, you've taken a shot at a Palin today. When can we expect a post on youth pastors, or obese women, or pitbulls?

if 16 yr old willow is a fair target for public ridicule what will the adopted son of america's "gay spokesmodel/dethroned homosexual dad" be?

Dan is buttsore because Joy banned him from her show and Sarah SHATTERED RATING RECORDS!!!!!

wonder if The Kid ever uses the word FAGGOT
wonder if The Kid ever hears the word FAGGOT
around the house
wonder if The Kid will grow up to be a HOMOPHOBE
Soon, at a White House near you, the Wasilla hillbillies!
@49, 55: Glad to see that you can't read. I said that "it's NOT even the homophobia".
Also, YOU MAD.
Never mind the Sex Pistols, here's the Palins!
my niece used "your" possessively just like that at age 11 - "your strange". we still think it's funny.

@28 nice work.
Welcome to the Palindome!

I see we've attracted a new crop of idiot trolls. A fine example of the Palin fan. Y'all are weak bores.

@25 I LOL'd. Thanks!
@52, Hey, fuck you and your obese, female youth pastor pit bull! Go get euthanized!
This is what happens when you celebrate the lower classes.
'the' homophobia?

what homophobia?
@37 they withhold the bucket o' chicken from said philistine.
Breaking news! Hillbillies are bigots who can't spell!

Does this surprise ANYone? That family has never championed education or rational thought.

Moving on...
About 19...

Why do tea partiers keep upping the ante w.r.t. capital letters? To make their ideas seem bigger? I guess they missed the memo in 1998 that writing in more caps just makes them annoying.
Once again - thanks so much for your dis-service to our country, John McCain.
Tre owns a "such a faggot"? I thought slavery was illegal; is this some sort of kinky dom/sub thing he has going on with a SUPER faggy boy-toy? Go Tre!

@44: Awesome. I'm willing to bet that not-public-image-consultant-managed-Willow DOES normally use that type of language. And she's right, her family IS being attacked, on the legitimate grounds that they're a bunch of ignorant hillbillies, a view she was kind enough to validate. And people thought we'd be bored once Dubya wasn't around any more: as long as we have the current incarnation of the Republican party, we'll never run out of ignorant assholes to kick. :-)
Any confirmation of this that's *not* TMZ? On general principle, I take anything they say as a lie or, at best, extreme exaggeration. Any more than 30 seconds of their show (which I encounter only when channel surfing), leaves me nauseated and disgusted with humanity.
@28 is a fine piece of work. I expect to hear more of this "she's the governor of Alaska" business during the upcoming campaign.

Anybody else remember the "go back to France pussy you fagget" guy?
politics of the prettiest ladies is walmart
*in walmart
Alleged seems to be a little hot under the collar.

I love the projection as well. Obama is an idiot? Compared to Palin? Compared to BUSH? Jesus Christ.

You were right the first time. No apostrophe needed in "Palins."

Whoops. I thought you were talking about #19.
Bad grammar makes me [sic].

@45, 46 You had it right the first time: Palins (plural, not singular possessive).
@55 Pity the poor 16-year-old, who is not gay, and thus should be protected from public ridicule; I remember what you had to say on the matter in the bullying threads. Pity the poor 16-year-old mother, who is old enough to take responsibility for raising a child but not to take responsibility for things she wrote, voluntarily, on a public forum. As for "faggot"; why don't you go up to the next black person you see, call them a nigger, and see how far you get with the "but you people say it all the time" defense.

Jesus Christ, sometimes I feel like I need to bathe after reading these threads

@10, "Willow and Bristol are what you get when you cross Paris Hilton with one of the Trailer Park Boys."

This is the quote of the day. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.
A boy named Tre? Is he one of the Palin cousins? I mean, aren't all their kids named things like Trigger and Tracker and Tinkle? Is that just a Wasilla thing?

And finding out that Palin offspring are foul-mouthed, no-class, ignorant homophobes is not precisely a shock to me.

Bristle and Witless - STFU.
Really Dan? The Facebook posts of children? This is beneath you.
@75: I'll just leave this here.
What no comment on the fact that "families success" should be "family's success?"
83: I have it (sarcastically) covered at 26 ;)

by the time she's 18, there will be no room for her in the spotlight and that none of her ~families~ money is even hers. Enter the anger, alcoholism, and resentment
if you go to gawker and scroll, and scroll, and scroll, you will get to read a long conversation. about halfway through it, you might actually start to feel sorry for Palin's children. despite having hated the family for two years now.
because of Sarah's behavior, those kids have to face pretty aggressive criticism from their peers. it must suck. what teenager can think independently enough to not need their family and to not want to defend their family? even if they were independent, and were full aware of their mom's bullshit, it would still suck to know that half the country hates her.
there. i just sorta sympathized with them, against my better judgment.
Okay... And now for what I expect to be a REALLY unpopular comment:

Can we ignore the Palins? Please? Just pretend they were never born and don't exist? That whole tribe is so last week.

Palins are a parasitic life form that live on publicity. If you want to get rid of the infestation, stop feeding them!
Whoa, was # 19 real? I hope they read through the rest of SLOG, especially the Savage Love letters!
There is something wrong with people who talk about others so badly.It is not right to talk about someone who you don't like or don't agree with.I know that I said some things about obama but look at what has happened to our country and it's morals and what we once stood for, at least if Mrs. Palin was president then she would try to get us back to what our ancestors fought and died for in the Revolutionary war.This country was founded on GOD and needs to get back to it.Why do you think we have so many problems in America.Read the BIBLE and you will see that when the children of Isreal turned there back on GOD really bad things happened.To all the people who will dissagree and say mean things I will pray for you.
@88 Something wrong with people who talk about others so badly? I assume you mean people who say "I've seen pictures of you, your disgusting" or call other people "faggot". It must be those kind of people you mean.

I have read the Bible. As I recall, Jesus said that if someone struck us we were to turn the other cheek. I don't remember the part where He said that we should call the one who struck us a disgusting faggot.

Maybe that part is only in the special Palin family Bible.
@19, @88 Fucking idiot. What our country was founded on (in part) was not God, but religious freedom, i.e. freedom from having religions imposed or opposed; escaping said religious oppression being one of the reasons some people came to America in the first place.

One reason that separation of Church and State was written right into our Constitution (the "Establishment Clause" of the First Amendment) was because of shit like the Puritans in Boston flogging and hanging Quakers in the century prior to the Revolution (go look up "Boston Martyrs," you insurrectionist theocrat), and similar shit in other Colonies, persecuting and discriminating against various religions, including Catholics, Baptists and Jews. Another reason was to do away with religious "tests" historically required in order to hold office in some Colonies.

Go fuck yourself and your pathetic and ignorant idolatry of the Bible. Idolatry is a sin, you know; go look it up.
Two things-

The rabid and obsessive hatred of Sarah Palin from the left is truly funny. It's indidicative of what the vaunted 'tolerance' of the left truly can be valued at.


You're right, but this is hardly what most liberals I know practice. I won't speak to them about Ronald Reagan (a great man) or FDR (a truly appalling president) because they can't hold a civil discussion about politics, religion or really anything else.

You're right at one solitary point in your obscenity laced hate filled rant. The Constitution forbids a religious test for office, or the establishment of religion. The hermetically sealed wall between church and state was no more in their minds than contemplating the ecological effects of super-highways. Separation of church and state as liberals view it is a purely modern construct.

Yes, we should have the freedom to practice a religion or not without discrimination or being barred from public office. But the sincere expression of ones' faith in the public square by a private citizen or public official does not violate that precept. The reverse witch hunt liberals practice to root out all such expressions is not what was envisioned on the founding of this nation.

92, is a "reverse witch hunt" anything like "reverse racism?"
@92: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" (1st Amendment to the United States Constitution)
If you READ the damn document, it's pretty clear that it's unconstitutional to pass any law or resolution regarding any particular religion. There's a reason why we're not allowed to have organized prayer in schools.
Also, you say that FDR was abysmal, but Reagan was a great guy? Let's see, one of them pulled us out of a tremendous economic depression and helped win a world war in doing so, and the other illegally diverted funds from weapons sales in order to fund a group of rebels that Congress had specifically voted not to fund. Which is which?

Fair point. The hated of Christianity expressed by the left (probably one of the things informing the hatred of Palin and even non-controversial figures like Billy Graham) is more properly expressed as a witch hunt plain and simple. It is after all a kinder expression than mental illness, hough less apt.

And using race to determine a university slot, job or housing is racism. This is true whether the benificiary of such racism is white or black.

Thanks for the clarification.
93, Yup, it sure is rough up there in the dominant culture.

What is the point of the words in caps? Your emphasis is clear without the italics they must represent, and it makes the syntax look like that of a child learning to write. It's like those who must use 'fuck' as an exclamatory device. The only thing it shows is the severely restricted vocubalury of the writer or speaker. Conrad chose among the 4 languages in which he was fluent to use English for his novels. And people like Brooklyn Reader are the inheritors of this proud tradition. Sad, really.

I've read the Constitution, and have a copy on my desk with other reference material. I've read the Federalist Papers., as well as qualified biographers using letters and other source materials from those who wrote that remarkable document. I've taken courses in Constitutional Law. You might try knowing of what you write before utilising the keyboard.

The phrase you quote, together with the infamous Danbury Letter, are the sole basis for the rigorous exclusion of religion from all aspects of public life liberals espouse. And it isn't accurate. For Gods sake, the thing is written in English, and you can't understand it? We are not to have a state religion (established religion) as England did. And we are not to limit the free expression of others to have a faith or leave faith alone. To go from there to the fanatic exclusion of faith from the public square is the act of one who doesn't understand those words.


Yes, Reagan pulled us out of a near depression, while winning the Cold War. I'm unsure what your point is, and how this makes FDR anything other than the unpatriotic bastard he was. I mean, Roosevelt swore to uphold the Constitution while doing everything in his power to warp and twist it to his socialist ideals. He bulllied the courts, threatening them with court packing, if they didn't toe his line. Basically a bad guy and a bad president. And WW2 pulled us out of the Depression, not FDR.

So, what was your point?
I think that I will be forever fascinated by humanities need to proclaim their personal opinion as fact. Therefore, turning opinions in to threats that require retaliation. I'm guessing that retaliation is but a psychological defense mechanism to protect us. We just might be too frightened to embrace contravening facts as an opportunity to learn, grow, and possibly change. I think it was Freud who first recognized that our ability to suppress and interpret information and events not in the light of actual facts, but in the light of what we want to believe, is hidden from our conscious mind. So, unreasonable beliefs are tenacious things that subtly expand through all our thinking, no-one is immune to this form of self-delusion, and in turn we think we are experts and everyone else is mistaken. This leads us to seek out sources that confirm our biases and don't ask us to question those unreasonable beliefs. Hence, we can easily be angered by differing opinions. Perhaps, we think acknowledging them diminishes who we are? I think one of the biggest tragedy might be that we stop using our minds, we aren't thinking for ourselves, and we have lost the courage to grow. We are just waiting for the next attack.

I'm sorry that the Palin girls, at present, lack the ability to allow others' their opinion. This Facebook status was not a fact it was an opinion. There was no need for them to go on attack or for young Willow to descend into name calling, slandering, and bullying behavior. So much for Tony Perkins' claim that children that attend church don't bully others.

And, @ 19 & 88, I agree that name calling is out of line. You are most welcome to your opinions. I'd suggest that you open a history book or two, but don't see anything in your own words to indicate that you desire to look beyond your own opinion. You have not presented any evidence to show that President Obama is responsible for "what has happened to our country and it's morals and what we once stood for", just that you have decided that Obama is your scapegoat and that you are putting decades of, some could argue as poor and ethical, decisions upon his shoulders. Just as your statement that this country was founded upon God is only an opinion. Historical evidence, actual facts, prove that you are wrong. There is even evidence that those states that who proclaim they have the highest numbers of churched/faith individuals (i.e. the source of their morality is outside themselves and is based on God) also have the highest numbers of divorce, abortions, obesity, violence, etc., and the lowest social justice. This does not mean that you are required to change your opinion, though. Just that there is little evidence to support your wishful desire to see history change its facts or that others will suddenly forget the evidence because you are praying for divine manipulations to occur. If prayer provides you some peace from the feeling that differing opinions are an attack upon your person? I say go for it. Peace is a beautiful thing.
#88 is a fine example of Poe's Law.