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Who are the 5 wimps that want to be PvE? PvP! PvP! PvP!
OK, I'll get the naming ball rolling:

Knights of Slog
Slogging Through Azeroth
Strangers in a Guild
For the Slog!
I really like Strangers in a Guild!
The Stronger
Unlaid Interns
New column!
Seattle's only guild
Frizzelle's Angels
Last Days

@4 Holy crap all your names kick ass!
*deep breath*

But really, I'm just annoyed my preferred game (CoH/V) isn't so popular as to warrant these obsessive tendencies in the nerd world.
I like Long Hard SLOG for a guild name.

That said, since some people play both Alliance and Horde, why not have BOTH?

Then, we can have people betray each other, and it will feel just like SLOG, until we all get together for a giant group SLOG Happy in Azeroth.
Bust Rangers

Strangers in a Guild! SLOGgers in strange guild!

Savage Miscreants?
I'm not playing (nor do I even know what some of that stuff means), but can I contribute names?

We, anonymous
Poe's Foes
Naked chicks into Marxism
Vegan pit bulls
Drunks of the week
SLOGgers in a Stranger Land (or Strangers in a Questionland?)
Mr Poe's Bedmates
(agree with Vegan Pitbulls)
Savage Hate (horde) and Savage Love (alliance)
If Will is in then I rescind my "Yes" vote.
What?! Who are the 27 wimps who want to play on a PVE server? And which of you voted both for Horde (Obama) AND PVE (Prop 8)?

And I don't think the guild should be named after Savage unless he's going to play!
Strangers Loathe Other Guilds
Nice work pulling this together, Mary.
Guild Names:

Strangers in a WOW Land
WOWers Are Strange

I also really like #4s suggestions.

And seriously, PVE? Do all of you who voted for PVE still have training wheels on your bikes too?
Is this going to be on a Blizzard 15$ a month server or a public/private 0$ a month server?

Even if you can kill a boar and go from level 1 to 60 in one shot, theres still a ton of things to do.
I'd join if I hadn't quit cold turkey. That stuff will rot your social life.

Still, I'm tempted:
Tech savvy at risk youth?
@17 This will be a regular Blizzard server. No private servers, no buying gold, no going against the ToS.
I already have a guild on Lightbringer, but....
If I wasn't so short on time in general and so heavily invested in my current group (we have multiple Kingslayers and I got to TK legit back in the day) and character (-400 from , 2/3 to , 1/10th to earning ) I'd be tempted.

Also: PVE/RP. It's nice to just play sometimes without having to constantly look over your shoulder. I get my frag willies off in BGs, WG, and Team Fortress on the side like I used to in Quake 2.
Loveschild's Crusaders?
Fnarf's Fearless Funsters?
Dan's Flying Monkeys?
Mudede's Marxist Minions?
Slog Trolls?
Slog Squad?
I'm a first time commenter, but this has me SO excited! Long time reader, long time WoW-er.

@22 I really like Slog Squad
@9 LOVE Savage Miscreants

I voted Alliance/PVE - Dood, Horde are bad guys (just kidding, really the Alliance are the jerks, but, you know, I play Alliance, so... biased)

PvE because it would be friendly toward folks who are maybe trying the game out because of the Stranger affiliation? Not real fun to get ganked. They're running specials right now where you can pick up the original game plus the first two expansions for like $5 each or so.
I'm assuming the "Horde" is all evil right?

If you guys are the Horde, your guild should be named "The Westboro Baptist Church."
Would be too much?
Hmm, that was supposed to read "Savage Santorum", but I guess it doesn't like the brackets I tried to use.
Luggage Lifters?
Saddleback Sloggers?

I'd love to incorporate something like saddlebacking, the lifting of luggage or any of the other great euphemisms into the guild name.
Stupid HTML, ate my < > tags for titles at 22. It was the Seeker, Justicar and of the Alliance.
I love you guys.

Then im not interested, 15$ a month is a ripoff, plus South Park made fun of it years ago.
Hardly ever comment here, but I love this idea. Not sure if I'm ready to come back to WoW, but love the idea of a SLOG guild.
Whatever else you do, do not, repeat n-o-t, subscribe to a wireless internet provider (can you say, "Clear" ???) and expect to be able to play online games. They will cut you off at the knees, turning down your speed to sub-1.0mbps, and will also do this if your try to stream video or music. Clear sucks if you expect 30mbps or above... and who doesn't, for about $50 a month?
Savage Lovecraft
#33 is a winner.
I'm a huge fan of Seattle's only Guild @4. That shit is awesome.
I can't fucking believe people are still playing WoW. Gross.
@19 I have a guild as well, a pretty successful guild of which I was an officer, but there's no reason you can't be in more than one guild at a time.
Star Wars: The Old Republic for the win, bitches. I have a deep resentment for Blizzard (mainly because they put too much effort into sparkly particle effects as opposed to making their games GOOD), and so I shall HTML-bomb this thread for the lulz. Oh yes, I went there.
...Man, SLOG has been prepared against such shenanigans...
which realm?
But, are you going to be a friendly social guild that is accepting all levels? Are you laid back and willing to help others level? Are you concentrating on all aspects of the game? (My favorite.) Do you have a tabard and 2 bank tabs?
@41 Personally I'm planning on rolling a new toon for the expansion, and figured many folks would be doing the same. That to me says leveling guild, at least for awhile. With as many Sloggers as seem interested, I think there will be something for everyone. There will certainly be a tabard, and bank tabs as soon as we round up the gold.

As for which realm, I'm waiting to see what the polls finalize at so we can decide.
I've been wanting to rejoin lately...this might push me over the edge!
This sounds great. I've been wanting to roll a new goblin, so I hope Horde wins out!
I think you should create a 2 guilds on one server. That way, we can have both alliance and horde. I say this because I really, really want to be alliance and horde is winning the poll. :(

I cannot wait to create a Worgen and I can't do that if we are horde!
Ohh, sorry Mary @42.

I was trying to be funny. What I wrote at 41 sums up every guild recruitment spam I have ever seen. It starts right after they have finished paying 10g for guild signatures at the SW bank.
Maybe that's just on my server. Maybe I'm not as clever as I think. Maybe both.
I'm in favor of both a Horde and Alliance guild on the same server too. I swing both ways.
Guh, I took a year long break but I'm in. Horde. Let us know which Realm.
@45 for the win.

I play both sides ;->~
By the way, it's fun being a Troll Druid or a Taurean Paladin. Nice gameplay.
ha, like 51.
Omg I so want to join!!!!!
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