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I believe there's a 24 character limit, making "Strangers Loathe Other Guilds" not an option.
Yeah, Dee is correct.. guild names have a 24 character limit.
I can deal with a PVE server without too much grumbling. I am disappointed that we can't have two guilds (1 Alliance, 1 Horde) on the same server.

C'mon! Who'd it hurt? Heck, we've got plenty of guild name suggestions. The winner can be the Horde guild and the runner up can be the Alliance guild.

Please!?! Pretty, please?!!

I'll even run the alliance guild if you need someone!
Guild of Calamatous Intent!
Considering how effectively Phantom Limb has been bumping them off @4, that might not be the wisest name choice for a WoW Guild.
@1 good to know… looks like the leading name just makes it!
Can guild names have hyphens in them, for that matter? I'm not sure, myself. Anyone know for sure?
...of course, the two leading names would both work without the hyphens if need be.
I was REALLY torn between Strangers in a Guild, or Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth. It'll be cool to see what server we're on.
I am excited!!
Gee, "Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth," that just rolls off the tongue.
@11 It really does if you listen to the Savage Love podcast.
I was thinking more like a broken wheelbarrow filled w/ re-bar rolling down Queen Anne Ave in the snow and ice, but hey, whatever lifts your luggage.
We should have first place be the Horde Guild on that server and 2nd place be the Alliance Guild on that server.

I hope Vegan Pit Bulls gets more votes - not my first choice, but I love that.
Considerably more people are voting on the name than voted for the creation of the guild itself....hmm, I wonder if that means the Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth know how to clear their browser's cache?
I would like to submit a bid for this guild to start on Proudmoore.
@3 i might roll a rename on another server guild if people want.

So long as you run them, cause running them is boring.
@3 I'm willing to have two guilds, but I wanted to be fair to all of you who reeeaally wanted PvP… if everyone can deal with a PvE server, then we can take the top two names and use those for a Horde and Alliance guild.

Whaddaya think, kids? Can everyone agree on this plan?
Cool, MPT. Horde gets top place, tho.
Cool with me... I'm more interested in the group as opposed to Horde vs. Alliance, or PvE vs. PvP. Either way!
@18 - cool, but they'll likely get small and quiet faster. You know how it is, those guilds where it's fun when someone is even on at the same time as you. Or maybe I'm just a pessimist.
Hey Mary, know if the real T.S.A.R.Y. give their blessing?
@18 Yay!! I'm okay with PvE. It might be nice to not have to constantly be on my guard.

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