A smart person should do the math as to how much the project will cost versus how much oil we have left, and what your public transit would look like if you spent even half of the tunnel money on upgrading public transit. I think the smart cities are the ones looking ahead to the end of oil as we know it, and figuring out how to move people around without using gasoline.
"But we'd already reserved Town Hall and had three smart people confirmed for December 1, so our debate turned into a discussion on what, exactly, this huge document says about how the deep bore tunnel might affect downtown Seattle"

I think the phrase you are looking for is "circle jerk".

At least you toned down the crazy on the picture.
Which of the two Mikes made you change the image on the flyer?
It'th a consthpirathy.
According to WSDOT figures, it's 40,000 extra trips per day dumped on Seattle streets to 65,000.

The Deeply Boring Tunnel has only 2/3 the freight capacity of either of the two alternatives, zero transit capacity, zero downtown exits (which affects 40 to 50 percent of all trips using SR-99 in the rebuild area that originate or end downtown), and only 2/3 the vehicle capacity of either of the two alternatives.

All for more cost, higher particulate emissions, higher carbon emissions, and potential destruction of native artifacts, impacts on designated protected fish species, and ...

It is the worst possible choice.

Unless you're a Billionaire or a Millionaire property developer who's getting a free tunnel that takes you from your expensive buildings to your private jet at Boeing Field while the middle class suffers with the 4-5 minute SLOWER commute times, the $5 to $10 each way tolls, and the congested streets they VOTED AGAINST.
(all the above is online, Appendix C is the fun part that tells you most of this)
With a flyer like that, I am shocked that no one on the "other side" would want to participate. If you really want to have a conversation about the issue, this is not the flyer or the approach. Dominic -- You are the opposite of a journalist. And, it is really too bad that you think yourself to be a journalist. You distort the facts as badly as Fox News to get your point across.
@7, I get it--you don't like our flyer (sad face). But what facts, exactly, have been distorted?

The Stranger's long history of belittling anyone who sees the world differently undermines their own effort to organize a forum.

Kudos to those who said no thanks. Don't try to talk policy with the Stranger's Taliban of advocates.
@9 we smell your fear.

Can you imagine being stuck inside a Deep Bore Tunnel during Snowpocolypse 2020 as the power goes out, the ventilation dies, the Seven Gates of Hades freeze shut, and they can't get into the tunnel to get you out while you die of carbon monoxide poisoning in the cold?


That's gotta hurt.
Shoot - I missed the old flier. Did it include swastikas or the devil? Can some one describe it for me, please?
Go for it!……
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If that doesn't work Google: Environmental Impact Statement Seattle Tunnel; click on the first (WSDOT) link and then click on the first link on that page: (Read the) document online.

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