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And I piss on Dave Nolan's grave
"The basic idea was to discredit the typical left-to-right political spectrum as leaving no room for the libertarian position."

Well, you fucking failed. Mainstream Republicans like Glenn Beck and Rand Paul are now pretending to be libertarians, so fuck you Dave Nolan. Your party are are all too busy sucking off the mainstream to avoid being co-opted. Even the last bastion Ron Paul has a hungry bottom for Republican patronage.
Who knew.
Libertarians siphon votes from Republicans. Can't argue with that. It's with the Greens that I have a bone to pick...
The biggest fraud since the Christian religion.
As is tradition for a Libertarian, he will be expected to lower himself into his grave by his own coffin straps.
Too bad he didn't live to see it discredited. For that to happen, though, some society would have to implement its tenets and then let time pass.
I'm not a libertarian. I believe in social safety nets and universal health care. But on issues like criminal justice, civil rights, and foreign policy, libertarians are much more liberal than Democrats.

Also, I bet the family members of these people…

wish our President was a libertarian. Libertarians don't tend to believe in blowing up and burning alive foreign people for political points.

But you guys go on supporting the gay rights denying, indefinite detaining, warrantless wiretapping, foreign civilian killing guy. Because at least he's not a libertarian.

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