It's nice having them direct their ignorance and hate at each other.
The Republican primary season is going to be a hoot!
Remember, Romney's Achilles heel is his passage of universal health care (i.e., "socialized medicine", "death panels", the works) while he was Republican governor of Massachusetts. He's against health care now, sort of; everyone in his party is under strict orders to start foaming at the mouth when the subject comes up. Which makes it difficult for him.

This will be a fun fight to watch. Come on, Sarah, git 'im!
sarah, i thought you knew this much at least - it's SMART people that are the enemy of all that is good and american. not RICH people - they are proof that God rewards the faithful.
Cute - I wonder who fed her the "blue bloods" line.
What a pity that so many Republicans exist in the United States, and yet it's impossible to find one willing to run for public office who is educated, smart, popular and who came from an average income family. It makes me wonder why the Democrats have such problems keeping the House or framing the debate.
I never thought I'd see the breakdown of Reagan's 11th Commandment. So, so sweet.
It's the folksy/religious vs. the rich, battling for the soul of the Republican Party. I have been waiting years for this conflict to come to a head. Should be very entertaining!
The Bushes were once (1800's) average-y people who married up (the Walkers), and GHWB is the descendant of industrialists who got rich(er) arming both sides prior to the First and Second World War.

Meh. Tomorrow's hillbilly/fundy/dumbshit Republican president will spawn the next century's "blueblood" plutocrats/gunrunners and one of their dumbshit/drunk scions will be some future generation's sorry-ass Republican president.

Fuck 'em all.
There are two types of Republican: The wealthy person who hates the poor. And the poor person who is too dumb to realize the wealthy hates them.

Palin is as firmly in the first group as the Bushes
We should all rememember that Prescott Bush (GHWB's dad) worked a great deal with Hitler. Just saying that when we mention the Bush family it should always be in that light.
The Bushes ARE the upper class (watch Boogie Man - the Lee Atwood story), Palin is just nouveau riche playing "homey".
Who doesn't love it when a Dartmouth girl starts yammering on about the elites, huh?
Romney's Achilles heel? Add being a Mormon. I don't care (I grew up around Mormons) but I was astonished that when he ran last time so many people thought he was in a cult. I wonder if the new "I am Mormon" commercials are a preventative towards that attitude if he runs.
Add "with all due respect" to the long list of common English phrases that Palin doesn't understand.
@15: he is in a cult. the LDS is a cult.
nice to see the Left still keeping their eye on the ball.
did obsessing over the latest Palin gossip dull the ButtSore pain from this month's Shellacking?
it won't help in 2012, either....
leave the governing to the adults,
you girls keep on hanging on every tidbit Perez and Danny dribble your way......
@19: Why do you hate girls so much that you think it's a put-down to call somebody that?
Hah - the Republican base has ALWAYS been at war with its East-coast overlords, who play them like a violin. Look! A COMMUNIST UNDER YOUR BED! Look! A TERRORIST! Look - GAYS!!!!!!! Look - A BLACK PRESIDENT!!! AGGGGHHHH...
Salon describes this "Laura Ingraham" creature as "Anne Coulter minus the wit". She's beyond horrible.
Um, I don't see what problem Governor Palin sees in the Bushes endorsing whoever they want to. That doesn't make them elitist blue bloods, that just means that they have opinions. It's kind of cute, actually, how obvious she is. If they'd said that they supported her, she wouldn't say they were being unfair.

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