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Sick and wrong. This should be illegal.
Florida is an evil cesspool. Don't let them have any of your money!
Oh yeah, you can get those at this cheezy curio shop in Leavenworth, WA.
can you make them into soup?
You know how you can appreciate nature and the amazing abundance of God's sacred creation? Chop its head off and shellack it.
The preferred nomenclature is "dirt mall". As in "see that there painted sawblade? I got it at the Crystal River dirt mall last Saturday, along with a puppy and a NASCAR collectible porcelain doll."
I'd like a pair of slippers made out of these, thanks.
Just out of curiousity, what do you do with something like that? Make a pot of soup, hang it on your wall or lay it on the coffee table as a decoration, mount it on the front of your pickup truck?
Speaking as a Florida native for whom this sort of thing is very mundane, it took me a few minutes to figure out why this was worth a post. Then I realized that, oh yeah, I guess this is kind of weird.
My baby alligator heads only cost me $8 each. That alligator head seller is ripping you off. Unless the seething acres of pythons in the Everglades have changed the available supply of baby alligator heads.
Speaking as a Southerner who's sick of the invasive species taking over the swamps, I hope they'll be a day when python skins are for sale by the dozen as a token of wiping them out in the South
Comment 5 for the win.
The wonderful wonderful Villages. Funny, when I was living in Florida, in roughly the same part of the state, I remember a kind of scandal there that involved the old people giving each other herpes and other forms of VD at a high rate. The secret of retirement in Florida, folks, is that your single grandparents fuck each other, and some old men fuck prostitutes that they pick up at truck stops.

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