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Darn it, where was Slog 3 years ago when I played WoW? I could never find a decent group of people to play with. Well, a decent group of people that could regularly field a skilled group to run dungeons/raids and weren't otherwise guilded with heavy raiding schedules of their own.
I am keeping tabs on this in case I become a WoW convert.
Man, I wish I could tolerate WoW. I just don't have enough time to spend 15 minutes running my muppet across a virtual wilderness in between episodes of fun.

I'm jealous. If you guys decide to play a MMO with less downtime, I'm in.
@3: With the new expansion, Blizzard has gone to great lengths to concentrate the fun and reduce downtime. It might be worth giving a second chance.
Fuuuuuuuck between my coworkers getting back in, and a Slog guild I think I may be firing up WoW again pretty soon.
Yesssโ€ฆ come back to ussssssssss

*strokes hex-stick*
@3: I've been an on-and-off WoW player for years (you can only do so much and still stay in college and keep a social life), but I started up recently and the big patch this week, along with all the new stuff, has given a lot less downtime. Oh, and you can get a mount at lvl20, as opposed to whatever the fuck it was last time. And there's a shitload of new flightpaths. I'd suggest trying again.
@5 do eeeeeet! I am :)
When can we join the iCarly guild?

Yeah, the new fps are cool
And God forbid but what if we don't have facebook twitter or myspace or whatever? What if we just read slog?!?
Hmm. I'll take a look and see what they've done. Getting a mount at 20 sounds okay, but as I recall getting a mount just meant something like a 15% speed increase, which is not enough to make me cheer. I also remember having to go through some insane quest to get the upgraded mount for my warlock. Then the insane grind in the expansion area, and... meh, I timed out. I'll give it another chance, though. Playing with sloggers does sound like fun.
If you're interested in joining either guild visit for information and news!
I joined the "Tech-Savvy At-Risk Youth" this weekend. The people were very friendly and guild chatter was half was half Slog stuff much more entertaining then other guilds I have been in.

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