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And to me too, Charles. Unfortunately, that little blurb is all we have to go on at the moment.
This is why everyone needs to be taught proper firearm handling and safety. Not just people who plan to own firearms... everyone.
The sort of people who need training the most are those least likely to undertake or retain it.
this militia needs more regulating.
There used to be (still are?) Firearm safety classes in public schools in rural areas. I'd be totally for required firearm safety classes in all public schools, and elective target practice afterschool activities.
Pointing an air rifle at someone and pulling the trigger could kill them. This guy's excuse is the same as "I meant to stab him with a shorter knife."
I was hoping this was going to end with the prankster being shot is defense by the sleeping man.
Dougsf @ 7: That would be justifiable homocide, in my book

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