And this.
Jesus, the kid will live without the fucking toy. And maybe be a little less of a spoiled brat, too.
21 and has a daughter old enough to be demanding toys. Classy.
if i could stand being around this shit i'd probably do so doing this
I hope your kid doesn't turn out like you.
@ 3, yeah, imagine that - kids want toys for Christmas! Who'da thunk it?
You're missing the point, Matt. I'm sure the store will still have plenty of toys tomorrow - and the next day, and the next day. But they may be sold out of the really hot items. This isn't about the kid going without a toy, it's about going without a particular toy.
That's what I imagine will happen at the liquor store today.
Wow. Glad i'm gay and dont give a fuck about shopping.
Svensken, I must say, that is a lovely avatar! You and Catalina will have to compare notes on stylish frocks...
Guns don't kill people; greedy, impatient arseholes kill people...
Man, everybody's mellow if you go to Fry's on Black Friday, and you can get some really good computer shit for super-cheap, too. If I don't stay home, I go to Fry's.
I love that her excuse for cutting in line boils down to "everyone is doing it!" Fucking self-entitled douchebag.
@ 5280, no, I get that. Believe me. My response was specifically for what @ 3 said (assuming the kid is "demanding" and not just asking for that present; judging the mom for being a teenage mother instead of a psycho bitch).
Funny thing is, as soon as you stop letting you kid watch tv - no more 'I want' for christmas. It is quite interesting.
If you decide to go to one of these orgies of consumption of cheap plastic shit from China during the holiday season, decide to stand in front of a store door for 12 hours before they open you deserve to get EVERYTHING that you have coming to you. That includes low low prices, gun shot wounds and being trampled to death.
Another day in Republican paradise.
Awe shucks Canuck. You sure know how to treat a gal.
We live in a nation of cannibalistic scabs.

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