forget bikini girl, lookit that thong!
I bet you could've used that thong during your recent blizzard...
I will definitely be getting my boyfriend one of those thongs. Is it supposed to be a horse or an anteater?
Yay! I love her!
It is all fun and games when a beautiful white woman does this, but when a large hairy man shows up in that aardvark thong he can rest assured that he will be tased.
@3 - You're free to decide it's an anteater, particularly if your boyfriend is uncut. It looks more like a moose to me, though.
I think that warranted a lot less fanfare than she was hoping for. Even the grey haired old man didn't care.
This is so much better than jerks who walk in and make a scene about the junk-touching. Wearing a bikini does, in fact, make it easier for the TSA to determine whether you are carrying suspicious materials. If anything, it speeds up the line.
A chick from Seattle did the same thing at Seatac this week too:
am i blind? i didn't see any thong, i only saw bikini girl. where is it?
I don't get it? HAHA OH MY GAWD YOU HAVE A HOT BODY AND YOU WANT TO SHOW IT OFF. Would have been way better if she was grossly overweight or something, where people actually cared. This is more like, oh, attractive female, been there done that, booooring, however practical it would have been had she been chosen for a pat down.
uh, this was not a full-body-scan or pat-down situation. It was just the metal detector. Bikini in a metal detector, no news here.

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