Blogs Nov 26, 2010 at 2:03 pm


Yay thank you!!
Lol! I can't join until my trial account changes over! I signed up a couple days ago but since it was a holiday they haven't quite processed the full version for me even though I paid then! Hope to join the guild soon. Subwlf is already in use so I have another solution for that...
Way to go, guys!

Lots of primo stuff in the guild vault for starting characters already!
UGH, I guess its time to see if the old comp can play WOW. I think I got Fenrox to level 70. Can you tame giraffes yet? I quit over that some time ago.
@4 - giraffes can kiss my ass. FOXES. Have you seen the foxes? They added them in the last patch. I'm pulling my lvl 70 hunter out of storage just to get one.

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