They're hooded crows, found in Europe and Asia.

If cats could cooperate like that, crows would be afraid of landing.
that is SO clearly three dark wizards battling a good wizard. what planet do you come from?
Dear god that was amazing!!!! Like a grownup Disney movie.
Crows are very loyal. My guess is they know the black cat, maybe share his food. The crows here warn the pigeons when a hawk is attacking and will gang up and chase it away. They even defer to the pigeons with food sometimes. It really is like they have some attachment.
You're just freaked by how awesome and smart corvids are. Go back to hiding under your covers, Brissey.
Crows scare me since I saw one hop up to a baby bunny munching on the grass outside my office window, murder the bunny with a quick, sharp peck to the brain pan, before it feasted on the still-steaming innards full of undigested grass...
Most of time, you're better off turning the sound off on youtubes. This one the music was actually pretty clever.
Any good cock fights this weekend?
How in the world was the music so well synced to the video? Where was that music from, anyone know?
6: dude.
That was amazing. I hope those fuckers got what was coming to them. I still haven't forgiven ravens (and by association, crows) for stealing my lunch when I was six.
If they gave out prizes for youtube soundtacks, this would be a winner.
9 - The music you hear is Alan Silvestri's score for Predator 2.
However, in this case, it has all been very skillfully cut and spliced so that the accents all occur at the right moments in the video.
Very cute nonetheless.
It seems the crow-haters criteria for hating crows is that crows are similar to humans. That or you hate any animal that does what it has to to feed itself and it's family.

I feel sorry for people that can't see how truly amazing these animals are.
Cats (domestic small cats like these... not the great cats like lions and tigers) are the most effective hunters of the animal kingdom, not including humans. They're estimated to succeed at killing their pray about 75% of the time, which is pretty amazing.
Cats and crows rule.
"They're estimated to succeed at killing their pray about 75% of the time"

yeah that's sweet, and by taunting them with a stupid feather on the end of a string or laser pointer for our own enjoyment we are only making them more adept at their killing ratio....

this scares me, and i don't even "own"** one of those adorable little shitty muffins.

did like the soundtrack, and the birds plucky-ness though.

** acknowledging the term "own" goes both ways w/ cats & their people.
@ 16 - what about these cats? faced with a tiny Russian mouse?…
@19, I see your "tiny mouse" and raise you a cat terrorizing an alligator...…
That light cat has clearly had one too many McBurgers (or else grew up without a sibling to co-torture).
That light cat has clearly had one too many McBurgers (or else grew up without a sibling to co-torture).
Also, speaking of rats not being afraid of cats...

Cats are often carriers of a parasite (toxoplasma gondii) that can trigger schizophrenia in humans.

Toxoplasma gondii rewires the brains of its intermediate rat hosts to convince them that they like (as in, are sexually attracted to) the smell of cat urine, so that the rat will be eaten, and the parasite can complete its life cycle by reproducing itself in the gut of its preferred cat host. Though the parasites don't have quite the same effect on humans, they definitely seem to mess with our heads.
magpies (another corvid) are just as sinister ... when i was in idaho once, a local dude i met told me that the magpies in his area would routinely gang up and chase domestic pets into traffic so that they could feed on them after they got hit by cars. that's fuckin' teamwork, man.
Love it! Yeah, that rat was fearless and pushing his/her luck alright.

I think what was really going on was that the cats weren't afraid, since they're at least 3 times as large and they outnumbered it to boot, but it's like a human with a snake or something... you know it won't hurt you, but you get freaked when it slithers towards you really fast.

But it was funny to see!
In case anyone was wondering... Grant "barrows" most of his links from Reddit. Stephen Colbet does that too but he gives them credit.
@ 28, you mean he loads them up in a wheelbarrow and pushes them over to the SLOG?

(and who is Stephen Colbet?)
lettuce please stop pissing n' moaning at SLOG posts for "credits". please? these videos go viral, get emailed, get Facebook'd, get re-posted on all sorts of sites. nothing is "first" or "original" anymore. just sit back and enjoy the ride
@ 20, I raise you one alligator with one "Moe the Crow"…
The video had me mesmerized, but the perfectly timed soundtrack had me chuckling.
@31, you win this time, Kelly O
@14: Soooounds like somebody's been watching a certain PBS documentary about crows!
Chicken shits.
@15: FTW!
What irresponsible bullshit. Those cats were inflicting serious harm on each other and it is sickening that someone would just stand by, much less make a video of it.
Operating the camera: their witch.

Anyone who gets between a cat fight is a serious idiot. One bite and your on intense antibiotics for months.
@39 No kidding. The best you can do is yell at them/spray them with a hose so they fight somewhere else. Actually putting a stop to the fight is nearly impossible and if you succeed it's only because they're now attacking you.
@39. I've been scratched up by cats a number of times and never got more than a slightly infected scratch. Of course, my mom was sick in bed for a week once because of a cat scratch, so I guess YMMV.
A scratch can be fine but there is such a thing as cat scratch fever. My mom was bitten and almost lost her hand several years ago. The infectious disease doctor said that cat bites are the worst becuase they contain a certain bacteria we have a weakness to.
Corvidae are awesome. They're smarter than most people, and more loyal. I agree with the previous poster that said those crows probably have been sharing a food dish with the black cat. I love all the corvid species - ravens, crows, magpies, jays.
Cat bites are much more likely to get infected than other types of animal bites, for a couple of reasons. Cats are obligate carnivores with very short intestinal tracts, and as such, have some pretty serious fauna inhabiting their mouths to help with the breakdown and digestion of foods. They also have teeth which strongly resemble injector needles - they are very sharp and very narrow. They make a very deep hole that closes over quickly and seals in anaerobic bacteria. If bitten, one should thoroughly debride the wound, open up the punctures, and thoroughly clean it out. Otherwise, IV antibiotics are likely to be in your future. I've known people who've had to have digits amputated because they didn't treat a cat bite quickly enough.
@1 cats can and do cooperate. surely you have seen footage of lions hunting. i had two cats that were siblings and they successfully hunted magpies (occasionally an adult, juveniles on a regular basis.) the two of them once chased a pair of labrador style dogs (that belonged to an acquaintance of mine) by jumping on to their backs and digging in.

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