Good call. I hear Newark is lovely this time of year.
Yeah, probably best to leave that behind, as entertaining as I find it. Safe travels, though! Hope you're not caught up in too much holiday traffic :-P
have fun on colbert!
I was shown "10,000 BC" on a long flight on my way to Israel a few years ago. I very nearly set my dick on fire as a result.
Good call. They're putting anyone they can on the no-fly list for the smallest reasons.
Remember when people used to dress up to fly?
Kick some ass on the Colbert Report!
Happy Trails Daniel-san. See you on T.V.
i wonder if i still have my (IAADT) hat. i remember grabbing one the first day they were available at local merchants, and wearing it the day of the WTO.
When I start wearing a baseball cap of any kind my family will understand that to mean I have lost my zest for living, my hair, or both.
Wishing you traveling mercies!
Why are the big, bad Marines so afraid of gay men?
Ask Colbert!
Mine says, "FUCK the GOP/TP"

I get lots of nasty looks and even some challenges to combat. Right-wingers are like that: if it thinks, attack it and try to kill it.
I got neither groped nor scanned in Newark a few days ago, it was very disappointing, but I did get to flirt with the passport checker guy, so maybe you'll get that...

gus, so long as you don't start wearing white belts, that's really the end game, as far as I can tell.
I think I would pay money to see Dan get the TSA grope. that would be fun. or as Conan Obrian says the new TSA name of "Uncle TSA", the family member you dont want to get caught alone in the kitchen with.
I think you could only get away with wearing that hat if you went through security naked aside from it covering up your junk.

Have fun on Colbert, and remember, if you do set your dick on fire, post photos.
I accidentally got pepper spray through both BWI and Midway airports a couple of years ago. I wasn't trying to sneak anything, I just forgot about it in the rush of holiday travel. The neighborhood I lived in was not the best and so I had pepper spray on my keychain. It wasn't until I tried to go to a concert after Christmas that my mace was confiscated. I'm not sure how much faith I really have in airport security, porno scanners or not.
Daniel Savage, you are a punk rocker
Even more reason (as if we needed them) to stop bullying: Inside the bullied brain.
@19 My pepper spray goes through airport security every time I fly. It's always in my purse, which goes through the x-ray, and they never seem to care. These new security measures are going to be just as useless as the old ones. Oh, but my mom did have to throw away half a tube of toothpaste and her 3.4 oz. bottle of perfume. That extra .4 oz. makes it dangerous.
Ah, yes, we clearly must give up our freedom of speech so we can protect our country from dangerous foreigners who might take over and strip us of our rights, like freedom of speech!


I've yet to try my t-shirt with the suspiciously specific denial "I am not a terrorist". I can't quite see how that would violate any statutes, though I'm sure it would subject me to a VERY thorough screening. I have to wait until I'm flying somewhere for something not time-sensitive.

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