SUHWEET! Two blocks from home AND I've already got my "present"!
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Presents and cartoons. There's no way I could think of a better party.
I was wondering how I was gonna off-load some of these 'not-quite-right' knitting projects I have lying around.
Oh, and I'm sure I'll come up with something neat too so you're not just stuck with a funky hat.
woo! i had my fingers crossed that it would not be on the 9th. see you there!
I hope you pull that photo out when you are lonely.
Ooh, as in invisible aliens scarf @3 (also easily adaptable to comedy and tragedy masks, hint, hint).
@6 Sorry, that one has been claimed by a friend. But expect earmuffs.
I am seriously considering regifting the cock cozy. I refuse to tell you where it's been.
I'll be departing for Chicago that afternoon on the Empire Builder for My Winter Holiday. A few days in Chicago (Marshall Field, Pump Room, etc) and then on to Omaha on the Zephyr. A week with Mother Vel-DuRay and sister-woman, then back on the Zephyr and finally the Coast Starlight home. Arriving, hopefully, on New Year's Eve. But I always pack a party hat and bottle of champagne, just in case.
If you are traveling through the dead zone that is O'Hare airport, Catalina, I'd pack more than a party hat, I fear you may need your entire trousseau. I was there on Sunday, and although I made it onto the plane, the icy fingers of Chicago's own Bermuda Triangle conspired to drag me and 42 other unfortunate souls back onto the sucking suckage of Concourse G for 7 hours while they attempted to locate a sober pilot. Good luck, and go with god.
Thanks for the tip, Canuck, but it's strictly Amtrak for me. It will probably be late, but I don't care. I've got some reading lined up, and some movies. There's a bar car down the hall, and if the power goes out, you know Auntie Mame's motto: "Keep a little Brandy Handy!"

(Or was that Peg Bracken? Either way, I'll be set. )

I wouldn't go NEAR an airplane heading to Omaha in December for one MILLION dollars. Especially if it were going through Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis or Detroit. And those are pretty much the only hubs that fly to Omaha anymore. Not only are the connections nightmares, they've cut jet service to Omaha back to the point where you never know if they are going to put you on some ancient tiny thing where they have to balance all the luggage and they stop the bar service because the thing's being thrown around so much. Thank God Dearly Departed Papa Vel-DuRay (a WWII Army Air Force vet) taught me all about flaps and winds and turbulence and all that, or I'd be as neurotic as everyone else when that happens. Probably more so.
I believe trains are under-appreciated in this country, Catalina, and that you are wise to partake. I have very fond memories of snuggling in a couchette and then heading to dinner...not many planes comfortably accommodate dinner *and* nookie...

And the state of the planes this trip, sweet jesus, I thought I'd mistakenly booked on Aeroflot. Some regional jet from 1952 as far as I could tell, and surly waitstaff who were stingy with the bevvies, sigh. Alas, taking the train from Calgary to the East coast and midwest to visit the parental units is not an option, more's the pity.
Aw, I really wish I could be there! Have fun, peeps.
Shake Weights for all!!!
megan, may we bring christmas cookies?

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