American exceptionalism means that the entire planet is US territory, remember?
God, I can't tell her "writing" from Onion articles.
as andrew sullivan points out, she didn't stop the leaks. she got them stopped and removed.
The phrase "protect our freedoms" makes my skin crawl.
More like "quarterquackery"! Hi-yo!
Remember, the First Amendment is there to protect politicians from the press, yo!

Especially when it's applied in the context of stifling the free-flow of information, because you know, one of our "freedoms" is the freedom to prevent other people from doing things we don't like.
she can see russia, maybe she knows something you don't
I pray to sweet baby Jeebus, if she ever does become president, that wikileaks is still alive and well.
Boy, it's a bitch when citizens of other countries are free and act like it.
I understand her exhibitionist's need to use the available technology to stream her brain-diarrhea to the world the second half a thought flits through her tiny skull, but I fail to see why the Stranger is obligated to help her reach a larger audience.

More plausible explanations:

1) Sarah Palin believes the entire internet belongs to the United States
2) Sarah Palin assumes all white people are American and has possibly seen a picture of Julian Assange
You can't really fault her for being super-simplistic, it's all the girl has to offer. If you are expecting any depth, you are looking in the wrong place...
@11 It's entertainment! This is why weirdo, paranoid, fundie christian, bigoted, batshit-insane conservatards always have the biggest media presence. What ignorant, evil shit will they say next? America wants to know!

People would rather pay attention to complete lunatics, no one wants to listen to reasonable people, unless they're refuting said lunatics. And by god, Sarah Palin is a fucking lunatic.
This from the woman that got her Yahoo account hacked?

I'm having disturbing visions of her huddled over a WOPR terminal as she quietly mouths "password... T-R-I-G ...aaaaaand, enter."
She actually may be a blessing in disguise- she will divide the conservative base into two factions- The Rich and The Ignorant Hillbillies.
I'm just not sure it's worth having to hear her voice for two more years!
It's no surprise to me that The Stranger keeps running Palin tragedies and that people keep commenting. For one thing, it's just like that whole "complaints get more attention than praise" post that was written earlier. Also, Palin's antics are kinda like watching a train wreck in progress. It's terrifying if you think it might hit you personally, but it's also thoroughly awesome to watch that much raw catastrophy in progress.
American soldiers are in Afghanistan fighting to protect our freedoms. They are serious about keeping America safe.

And how, Governor-Quitter, is this working for us? I'm more afraid of the freedoms you might wish to take away from me, e.g. freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom to expect our elected officials to have an IQ higher than a tundra turd.
she joins many others in her misuse of the term "treason" when talking about Assange.
totally not surprised.
"permanently dismantle Wikileaks"... hm. Dismantle a widely distributed, mirror-hosted information site. That's a tricky one.

Also, it so happens that anyone working with Wikileaks is under lots of surveillance right now, and COINTELPRO-like tactics attempting to frustrate and destabilize them personally. So yeah, repression is happening.
Good Jupiter I hope John McCain gets a rip roaring case of hemorrhoids!
lol @ her sustained ignorance and all that but,

"Did the we use all the cyber tools ar our disposal to permanently dismantle wikileaks?"

a) Publicly advocating action on the part of the U.S. Government that violates borders and treaties. Diplomatically she's worse than anything in those leaked documents.

b) Doesn't know that the U.S. most likely was firing the Low Orbit Ion Cannon at Wikileaks servers all day during that DDOS attack yesterday.

Can we get Huxley's Soma already? I just want to be as dumb as her.
15 FTW.
Even if you invent new tools to block sites from leaking data like this, it will never work. You'll have a dozen mirrors linking to a dozen other mirrors. You take down one site, why theres 50 others just like it.

Even if one is sucessful in removing it from the internet, it will simply force people to push the adoption of FIDONET via WiFi hotspots or "WhiteSpace" tech.
I'm still stunned she/her ghost writer used the word "inexplicable."
Have we learned nothing from Battlestar Galactica? As soon as you network a computer it becomes vulnerable to hacking. Of course Sarah Palin is misguided with her treason accusations, she should be using this situation to advocate for a return to more primitive technologies dependent on human coordination and subject to human error. Cylon war, Palin. Cylon war.
I'm still more amused by the double standard wherein government spying on citizens without cause is 100% A-OK, but the converse is criminal.
Sarah, honey - "treason" - I don't think that word means what you think it means.

And @11 - "brain-diarrhea" is my new favorite phrase.

Give the lady a break. She's taken a brave stance against the "blue bloods"

If only Barbara Bush were only ten years younger. I'd love to see that cage match. Sarah Baracuda, my Aunt Fanny. She wouldn't last five minutes with the old gasoline truck.
I've never used the Twitters, so it is only now that I notice that there is a "reply" feature. Aaaaallllmost -but not quite- tempts me to twittering. Almost.
@22: Actually, parts of /b/ launched a LOIC attack on Wikileaks. Some anons figure that the whole shitstorm could lead to 4chan being shut down. However, 4chan being shut down is like communism spreading across the globe to establish world government: terrifying to some, but never going to happen.
Laugh all you want. She will run for President and she may win.

Remember laughing at Bush during his first campaign? Remember laughing at Bush during his SECOND campaign?
Oh you're just attacking her because she's a woman

Kidding. She's a total fucking idiot who said the other day we must stand with our ally North Korea, and thought back in 2008 that Africa is a country, not a continent.

It may be revealed that she can't do basic arithmetic and this trash mainstream media in the US will STILL treat her as a serious contender for the most powerful office in the world. What a hideous embarrassment to this country
@5 - that's quarterbackquackery.
The Wikileaks leaker is American, hence it's treason.
i thought Assange was an Australian
oh you mean the leaker(s), not Assange. hmm. well. seems like the work of the leaker is no good without Assange's actions. so best to go after Assange.
i think. now i'm not sure.

London Strike Proves Mass Transit = Mass Delusion!

For the thousands of London commuters who were forced to squeeze into packed Tube trains, stand on overcrowded buses or trudge to work in sub-zero temperatures yesterday, it was scarcely possible to believe their Monday could get any worse.

The fourth 24-hour Tube strike in three months was bad enough. But with no sign of a resolution between workers and London Underground's management, the unions are threatening to extend their walkouts to last up to three days at a time.…
@26 my husband and I were just watching season 3 of BSG and Palin came up several times... Though even the most heinous and misguided acts committed (by either side) are more articulately and logically rationalized than SP could ever do.
I wonder if she's ever freely traveled the world.......
Sarah Palin dun backtraced you Wikileaks! CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.
Actually, I dare them to arrest him, that's exactly the kind of publicity this would need to stay in the news for weeks. The "elite" have a new plan about people trying to circumvent their resource grab with information, ignore them. What they hope is that Wikileaks will stay in the news for a day, maybe a week, and then we'll forget it, like it never happened at all. Arresting, hacking, even assassination, will all backfire. So please, try it, call our bluff, but "getting rid" of assange, whatever that would mean, and send this story into the stratosphere. It would also release every bit of data, even the bits he didn't want to release, it would be totally raw and like wow, I find myself wishing this would happen ha.
Paul, you need to consider that teabaggers might stumble across this post. For their sake, you should rewrite the first sentence as:
The interesting thing here is the use of the word "treason," which means that either Palin believes that Julian Assange is a U.S. citizen (he's Australian) or that Sweden (where WikiLeaks is hosted) is part of the United States (it's not.)
Paul (and @44), you could also rewrite it as:
The uninteresting thing here is the use of the word "treason," which means that Palin believes that the source of the leak is a U.S. citizen (he is.)
she doesn't even understand court jurisdiction. How can she be in government? What a dumbass.

I just read her facebook page with comments.

I am not long for this world.
Lay off Sarah. She was busy bein' free when she tweeted that.
@39 Do you ever fuckin' just get tired of being a boob?
hrmmm, try reading it again. She said "Wikileaks' treasonous act".
I can't wait for the Palin Bizarro world Presidency! It will be really fun, you'll see.
Just when I think she's the shallowest person one could ever meet, she manages to drain a little more water out of the pool. (paraphrased and stolen from Seinfeld)
Manning, who initially stole the data, is an American, sitting in jail now, but not charged with treason. For your liberals, who may be confused, we're not talking Indianapolis quarterbackery here. No relation to Peyton, I heard. Sarah Palin knows the proper charge for Assange is espionage. Give the lady a break. You're wasting your breath and effort anyway, you're not going to change Sarah Palin or break her spirit.
Manning, who initially stole the data, is an American, sitting in jail now, but not charged with treason. For your liberals, who may be confused, we're not talking Indianapolis quarterbackery here. No relation to Peyton, I heard. Sarah Palin knows the proper charge for Assange is espionage. Give the lady a break. You're wasting your breath anyway, you're not going to change Sarah Palin or break her spirit.
Paul Constant should shut his alligator mouth about the next President of the United States. Who the hell does he think he is... a writer for a tiny little weekly paper in Seattle?? Now there is a real accomplishment for a so called journalist. It's been my lifetime ambition to become a write for the little Stranger publication in Seattle, with 800 readers weekly!!!! Bow Wow and Whoopty doo!

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