I don't think he'll have much luck with the insanity plea, as he clearly had the presence of mind to put it in the non-lethal end.
Now that's a "dirty Sanchez".
Maybe the pit bull enjoyed it. How do you know?
It's still PRETTY insane
The Muskegon man is charged with one count of sodomy, a 15-year felony

Wait, what? This seems to imply that the issue was not, you know, raping his dog, but that he did it in the wrong hole O_o

I thougt sodomy had been officially decriminalized in Lawrence v Texas? I mean, I suppose if you re-define sodomy to require lack of consent, you could have a go at it, but that's what we have the term "sexual assault" for. What am I missing?
So Pit Bulls are good for something after all.
Well, the pit bull was only 2 years old...which in dog years makes it underage in Michigan.
@5 You're missing the fact that one of the definitions of sodomy is "bestiality."

The original meaning of the word is actually "unnatural sex," which could mean... well, anything that can't result in a baby, really. The different interpretations of what it does mean are controversial enough that I've heard people argue that where sodomy (or whatever its Greek/Hebrew equivalent is) is mentioned in the bible, the text actually *means* bestiality. (I'm not nearly well-versed enough in the bible myself to judge if this is true or not.)

Don't feel bad, though. The religious right has made such an excellent job of accusing gays of sodomy that you're not the only person by far who thinks that's the word's only meaning these days.
15 years for fucking a pit pull.

Less than 2 years for running a pit bull death camp and brutally killing at least eight pitbulls.

What's wrong with this picture?
He probably wouldn't have gotten 15 years for raping a woman.
@2 Win.
@10 ... Sigh.
Hold on a second.
"Vaguely" anti-pit bull? Since when was your anti-pit bull stance "vague"?
12 beat me to it.
I am not crazy. My fiancee and I own a beautiful pit that we've had since she was born. Our pit bull's parents were raced by my fiancee's parents and all of our dogs are very well mannered and non-aggressive. Sure, there are a number of pits that have aggressive breeding and/or a lack of training and a lack of socialization. But not all pit bulls are evil or aggressive towards people or aggressive towards other dogs. Also, if you are going to shed light on pit bull related stories, maybe you can share this one too--about a pit bull that rescues a chihuahua from coyotes in Colorado.…
@9: "What's wrong with this picture?"

One's an apple; one's an orange.

The 15 years mentioned is the maximum sentence the judge is allowed to impose for a person convicted of sodomy, which includes crimes against animals or people (or women, 5280).

What he will be sentenced to, if convicted, will be much less than 15 years, and what he actually serves will likely be less than that.

So, you'll have to wait until he's released to be outraged about the disparity between the length of time he served and the length of time Vick served.
@11 -- I know, right?
Nobody in america seems to notice the insantiy of the prison sentences meted out. Like, this was really messed up, but 15 years!!!!!!?!?!?!??
@10 actually that's probably where they can rest the insanity defense. "Your honor, if he had been in his right mind, he would have raped/sodomized a woman instead of a dog to get five years instead of fifteen!"

*more facepalm*
@15: I think the more salient difference is going to be high-priced legal defense team vs. court-appointed lawyer. But maybe I'm just cynical...
@1-Canuck FTW!
How can you prove that! He taped it? Do that in front of other? I don't think the pit bull is a reliable witness.
My guess is a rape kit was sufficient. Funny how those don't get used half the time or aren't considered good evidence otherwise, but... *shrug*
Interesting detail -- the guy was previously convicted of sexually assaulting a human being under 13 years old.
@23 -- I'm guessing he wasn't sentenced to 15 years for that one.
@24 Convicted in1998 paroled in 2009 -- 11 years, looks like. Maybe he got time off for good behavior.
@24 and 25:

Again, you're comparing apples and oranges. The maximum statutory sentence for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 1st Degree is LIFE IMPRISONMENT. Obviously, his sentence was for something less. And, likely, the time served was less than the sentence.

The statutory maximum for sodomy is 15 years. He won't get that in this case, either. He will be sentenced based on a sentencing grid that, if I'm reading it correctly, provides for a sentence between three and 76 months.

His sentence will be increased substantially by the prior conviction -- prior offenses are generally the greatest determinant of sentence length under most guideline systems (which includes WA, MI, and the feds).

There is some leeway for good lawyering, but that generally only determines where, within a range of a few months, the judge sets the actual sentence.

And, time served introduces a number of variables that have nothing to do with the statutory maximum sentence. Those are determined by corrections, and mostly have to do with behavior while incarcerated.

So it's meaningless to compare 11 years and 15 years. Those two numbers have nothing to do with each other.
aw, pit bulls are great :( too bad this one wasn't vicious enough to turn around and bite his little sanchez off
Please leave your blatant hatred for an animal elsewhere, Dan I usually agree with you, but I doubt you actually have any real experience with bully breeds. In fact, I would bet that you would not know the difference between a pit bull, an american bulldog, or a french mastiff. For someone who feels so strongly about fighting for the respect and rights for people who are so misunderstood, it is extremely hypocritical for you to pass uninformed judgement on another completely misunderstood being on this earth. Love everything else you say, but had to put in my two cents.
@5: The only thing that Lawrence v. Texas decriminalized was sexual acts between two consenting adults. Since it was decided on privacy grounds rather than equal protection, this presumably applies to opposite-sex as well as same-sex acts, though I don't know if this has been tested in court. If another state defines 'sodomy' more broadly than that, as Michigan apparently does, someone could still be convicted of it.

I'd argue the privacy grounds should also be extended to anything non-human, because the dog was basically a sex toy. But unfortunately, bestiality, like incest, drugs, and underage sex, is one of those areas where people's instincts overrule their brains when voting or making laws.
@28 Ya know, out of all the non-human mammals on this planet, cats and dogs have it really, really good. Completely misunderstood? Dude, people are more concerned with their dog's happiness than they are with their spouse's.
Pitbulls are incredibly gorgeous, beautiful and sweet dogs. You shouldn't be anti-pit bull but anti-this man!!
Who the fuck found out about this in the first place? Did the guy turn himself in? Was he fucking it in public? I'm pretty sure the dog didn't tell anyone.
Why is sexual assault of a pit bull different from regular assault of a pit bull? As far as we know, the pit bull isn't going to interpret the acts differently (the justification for the distinction with respect to humans). As @9 points out, you' get less time for non-sexually torturing the dog and killing it; huh? This clearly has little to do with the actual harm to the dog, and mostly to do with punishing someone for being a dog-fucker. Extending the logic of human sex-laws to animals is even more absurd than extending it to humans... :-/
The First Scandal Adam and Eve

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