Marching backwards with Republican'ts and the party of "NO!"
@1 ....with any luck, it'll be right off a cliff, with all the other lemmings.
70 percent were for; 27 percent against; 3 percent are wondering when the Forty-Third Division fan dancers are returning to the barracks for an encore.
So far the Republican spin is that, since the Commander in Chief, etc, announced they wanted to repeal it, the troops had no choice but to say they favor repeal, therefore the survey is not valid. Following that logic, obviously no future survey will be valid either.
If we weren't fighting a whole slew of wars that the Republicans started, I'll bet nobody would really give a shit.
How soon before McCain orders another study?
I took the spouse survey. I said having openly serving gays would make me more likely to move into military housing - maybe they'd gentrify it a little.
Coincidence: After Dan's interview on the Colbert Report aired here in Seattle, he was followed by a new Rhapsody commercial featuring uber cute & scruffy actor Brandon Haywood. I think this is all very good karma.
We are very close to 60 Senate votes. Please, please contact Senators Murkowski, Ensign, Collins and Lugar and make sure they let DADT repeal come to a vote.
Haha, @Atl2Sea, I noticed the exact same thing! It was a national commercial, because I live in Miami Beach and I saw it too. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, so now I'm curious whether the Rhapsody folks have heard about Dan's crush and bought that spot or if it was just a mad coincidence.
Haha, @Atl2Sea, I noticed the exact same thing! It was a national commercial, because I live in Miami Beach and I saw it too. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, so now I'm curious whether the Rhapsody folks have heard about Dan's crush and bought that spot or if it was just a mad coincidence.
(Whoops, sorry for the double-post, wasn't sure whether it had posted since it was interrupted by the signup process.)
@12: posting privileges revoked
Republicans grab onto anything when it drifts their way and reject it when it doesn't, all the while giving the same bullshit reason either way for their current stance.

So hey, they're all about state rights when it suits them, and all about federal law trumping all when it suits them. I see no reason why they wouldn't jump on the minority bandwagon if they thought they could work it.

But dammit, don't do their homework FOR them...!

stoopit thuglicans... *mutter*
The Canadian military actively recruits in the gay community. Women are also integrated in all services. Neither has affected our military capability. Just ask the Taliban.
And these are the same people who believe that you can be fellated in your sleep and thus gays in the military will create this "free rape" zone of terror for the heterosexuals. You can't make this shit up:

You know, it's just TMI knowing the deep dark fantasies of all these hate groups. I wish they would just stick to hating and not fantasize so loudly at the same time o.O
Dan, you pitiful little pussy.
It is painful to watch you post actual 'news'-
you really should widen your readings to include something more than homosexual-gossip blogs...

"There will be some strong opposition, particularly in the Marines and some combat arms specialist units, said the chairs of the study, Defense Department General Counsel Jeh C. Johnson and Army Gen. Carter F. Ham.
As many as 60 percent of troops in those units were against changing the 17-year-old policy."

But then, who cares what the guys who ACTUALLY FIGHT THE FUCKING WARS think.....
Dan, you credulous little cunt.
Have you even read the actual study?

The study did not ask if troops "care" if homosexuals are allowed to serve openly in the military.

"...the ranking Republican on the committee, will undoubtedly ask why a survey of active duty military and families -- a central part of the report -- did not directly ask whether they supported changing the present policy, but focused instead on how it should be changed."

What a load of shit.
From the AP article online:

The study also draws a strong correlation between troops who have worked with a gay service member and those who support repeal. According to the assessment, 92 percent of troops who have served with someone they believed to be gay thought that their unit's ability to work together was either very good, good, or neither good nor poor.

The Obama misAdministration admits the survey is A LOAD OF SHIT:....

"In a response written in October, Gates told McCain that it was not part of the charter of the Pentagon's so-called working group to poll the troops on whether the "don't ask, don't tell" policy should be repealed.
"I do not believe that military policy decisions should -- on this or any other subject -- be subject to referendum of Servicemembers," Gates wrote."

Grab a spoon, Slog-
it's your favorite treat!
but don't push, there's plenty of HomoLiberal BULLSHIT in this report for you all.....
Let's face it.

DADT got thrown off the back of the bus so we could bail out the Billionaires.

Sucks, but that's what happened.
The BullShit 'survey' is based on responses from 115,000 troops.
70% represents about 80,000.
There are 3 million personnel in the US military, so that works out to about 2% who "don't care" (sic).

Is that what you call "minority rights", Danny?

The 'right' for a 2% response to a BullShit non-survey to dictate policy?

Is that how it's done in the Qunited States of Gaymerica?
This 'survey' is such an obvious load of SHIT that it will require no effort at all to shove DADT back up the homoliberal left's ass for another couple of decades.
you girls aren't even trying......
DADT must be repealed ASAP!

We need to get thousands more fine homosexual troops like Pfc. Bradley Manning in the ranks.

so what if the actual combat troops oppose repealing DADT?

they can go FUCK THEMSELVES!!!

we can keep this nation safe with thousands of homosexual Arabic translators- who needs the fucking Marines....
@8 Correction: It's actually Branden Hayward with an "e".…
There is no justification for bigotry, in my opinion. And, I tend to think that there is a high correlation between those who view themselves as fundamentally/devoutly religious and injustice. As 'sacred scripture' allows people to rationalize there actions or consider their actions benign, from my experience. It could be that is what is at the root behind the statement "I have no hate in my heart" or "I don't hate ...", by claiming a required compliance to 'sacred scripture' them allow themselves to point their finger at a morality source outside of themselves as the one deserving of the blame? Of course, that usually results in some kind of mental gymnastic, apologetics, as to why cruelty and unjust and unequal treatment is really loving. I suspect that is some of the reasoning is behind DADT and the whole unit cohesion theory is just a smoke screen, an attempt to hide the religious driven bigotry. Maybe I am wrong? I'd like to be wrong.

That said, I don't see individuals like McCain changing their opinion. I think that their minds are closed on the subject and that they cling to their chosen 'justification(s)' and are angered that anyone should disagree with them. They'll just keep twisting their reasons, in an attempt to appear reasonable and a team player, and creating new "studies" that must be examined before they give their go ahead.
The "some kind of mental gymnastics" seems to involve "turning brain off entirely."

THAT is some of the reasoning behind DADT...

oh no....

McCain has caught the Angry Troll virus!
As discouraging as the DADT support is, I think this is probably a lot like the landscape in the end days of segregation: The dinosaurs became increasingly agitated, but in the end, they were marginalized. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for a similar scenario regarding LGBT rights.
Maybe, BEG.

Perhaps, it is a defense mechanism to protect the happy good feelings, the childhood memories, the family attachments, to avoid the guilt of betraying one's family or culture, and to avoid risking the community's rejection. I think it is very human to want to avoid undermining our positive emotions, and we are capable of expending a great amount, a rather tremendous amount, of emotional and intellectual energy in defending those beliefs. We are capable of self-delusion and appealing to arguments that we wouldn't find convincing if they weren't attached to our emotional experiences, we just don't want to undermine those positive emotions. Maybe we fear that if we surrender the belief(s) that we will discover that the positive emotions were a joke played upon us and decide we were a fool? One of our frailties, maybe some would say it is a gift, is our extremely intricate and complex psychological defense mechanisms that allow us to retain those beliefs so very dear to us, in spite of the contravening facts that stare us boldly in the face. I think it takes courage to deeply evaluate our beliefs, at some level we fear that our beliefs are all built upon sieves that no amount of mental gymnastics can fill. If we don't allow ourselves to consider that we are wrong, then, the sand will leak ever so slowly, we can just pretend that is just a bit of wind that has sculpted the pile, the volume is the same, and foundation is still solid. Just a thought.

@13: Nice Banhammer.

And now to go for a ride on the Trollercoaster...
@17: Please read my response to #20 directly below.
@20: Of course the issue should not be decided by polling the troops; it's the higher-ups (i.e., the President) who should decide, since the troops are there to take orders, not to give them. Happily, the higher-ups agree with the troops on this one. You're not just full of shit, Alleged, you're positively diarrheal.
@22: Learn2Statistics. While we only got responses from a small fraction of the military, the probability that such a (relatively) large sample is not representative of the population as a whole is incredibly low. In order to be 99% sure that the true value lies within 2 percentage points of the observed value, we'd only need to get 4154 responses. In other words, the odds that this survey ISN'T accurate, as you claim, are minuscule. Get the fuck off the Internets, you ignorant cockmongler.
@26: ...except that the combat troops support repealing DADT. And more importantly, the tip-top command people support repealing it too. Also, we've got plenty of boots on the ground; specialists (such as translators) are what we currently need.
Tune in to Keith Olbermann tonight:!/ItGetsBetter/statu…
If DADT is the 21st-century seggregation, John McCain is the new George Wallace.

I simply don't don't understand, from a purely political position, why McCain is taking the idiotic stand he is. Even if his constituency was uber conservative, a good politician sees the writing on the wall and pretends that he was the first guy with the magic marker.

When Robert Gates says he believes you are mistaken, it's not good for your next republican senate election.
Nothing like perspective! Priorities! *facepalm*
Army Kicks Out More Gays Than Fat Soldie…
So they keep arguing that hetero male soldiers (no mention of the women here) will balk at serving with openly gay soldiers because they fear unwanted come ons and leers. My reaction: "Man up, dudes! Women deal with this sort of stuff DAILY -- from you het guys. And while some of the advances are appreciated, some most definitely are not. If women can deal with it, y'all can, too! Well, if you're even hot enough to get hit on in the first place... ;-)"
"It would be unwise to push ahead with full implementation of repeal before more can be done to prepare the force, in particular those ground combat specialties and units, for what could be a disruptive and disorienting change," Gates said.
Elections have consequences.
We won.
You lost.
DADT stays......
@40: Aaand so he wants to phase it in gradually. Your point being?
@41: The people who matter have kind of spoken on this one. A sizable majority of soldiers, American citizens, and military leadership all support repealing DADT. Sure seems like the only ones who don't are the Republicans in Congress. (Shouldn't they have their ears to the ground on what their constituents want?)
actually the Republicans in congress ARE the people who matter.
as you girls should know by now.
and the team that just got swept in in a historically huge landslide probably have a pretty good idea what THEIR constituents want, and how to deliver it.

it occurs to the troll that you girls really do believe your survey nonsense,
allow us to give you the 511-

1-CinC says he wants to/will repeal DADT (he's just blowing smoke up the queers' asses but we'll all play along....)
2-political appointees in military (your 'tip-top command people'; how precious...) pucker up and kiss his incompetent ass and fall in line
3-Liberals design the 'non-survey' that 'asks' :"DADT is going to be repealed. you don't have a problem with that, do you soldier?..."
4- the survey is only sent to about a seventh of military personnel. (why not all?) most don't respond. (why waste your time on a rigged bullshit survey the outcome of which is predetermined) and remember THE SURVEY DID NOT ASK IF REPEALING DADT WAS A GOOD IDEA. it only asked if the person had a problem with it being implemented.
5- so your SIZABLE MAJORITY of two percent also pucker up and kiss some superior ass.

the survey is so patently bullshit that the GOP has plenty of cover to do what they don't need any cover to do anyway.

Obama couldn't (WOULDN'T is more like it uwahahahaha) repeal DADT with a SuperMajority.

what in the FUCKING HELL makes you morons think the new GOP congress is going to?

put down your bong and take a sniff of reality........
Majorities have consequences.
A majority is against DADT.
They win.
DADT goes.
The only question is when.

Majorities that sit on their ASSES have NO consequences.


Majorities have consequences.
which is why 30 states have voted to OUTLAW homosexual marriage.
which is why we see the HypocriticalBullShitHomoLiberalLeft accepting the will of the majority (in some states as much as 80%! >junior, 80% is a sizable majority. 2% is not....<)
oh, wait-
that's not what happens-
the HypocriticalBullShitHomoLiberalLeft finds a HomoLiberal judge to
overrule the majority.....

so it looks like in the Qunited States of Gaymerica
majorities are Fucked Over.

But the people won't be kept down forever.
Tyrants eventually get what is coming to them.
The only question is when.....
@43: You really need to take a statistics course. 2% of a population as large as the American military is a perfectly large sample size. Hell, we've gotten VERY accurate data from smaller samples that represent the whole US of A! And having looked over the survey question, I have to say that I see nothing wrong with the phrasing or the experimental design.
Finally, you might want to reconsider your claim that the American public likes the Republicans. The midterms weren't about voters liking the GOP; they voted based on frustration that the Democrats hadn't gotten much done (mostly thanks to you obstructionist twerps). Only a few days after the election, Rasmussen (which skews notoriously to the right) published results indicating that a sizable majority of Americans expected that the Republicans wouldn't get much done in the next two years.
@46: Stop wanking at the keyboard and learn a thing or two about statistically significant sample sizes!
actually the Republicans in congress ARE the people who matter.

That's funny - last time I checked the, the House of Representatives had already passed DADT repeal, and there was a Democratic majority in the Senate.

We only need two (2) Republican Senators to vote for cloture on the Defense Authorization Bill, and DADT will be history. The other 218 Republicans in Congress do not, in fact, matter.
Hopefully no one will speak up for nor defend this vulnerable minority group. Discrimination can be good or bad; discriminating against homophobes is good, like discriminating against rapists and murderers.
ah yes, that Democrap majority in the Senate-
what do they have, is it still 60 seats?
a SuperMajority!?....
and with this huge majority for two years they've done, exactly what for homosexuals?
ah yes- JackSquat....
and now that the Republicans have swept into control of the senate the Democraps are going to grow some balls and DO something?

you're right-
that IS funny........
@50: Alleged, I must ask: how did you find a speech therapist who's also a proctologist?
@43-"the team that just got swept in in a historically huge landslide probably have a pretty good idea what THEIR constituents want, and how to deliver it."

Well, aside from the fact they got into office in a fairly routine mid-term swing rather than an "historically large landslide" you're actually onto something.

They do know what their constituents want and how to give it to them. They want to punish people for being different, institute theocracy, and get ready for The Rapture, or if wealthy, not pay any taxes. They're a cancer on America, but they do manage to elect a bunch of assholes to plague our government.
@24: Well, that meshes nicely with another wingnut talking point. The Jews obviously took their lead from Hitler, who knew that homos made the best stormtroopers, because they were totally merciless. Due to lack of lady-cuddling or somesuch.
Having served in the army, I can tell you that people are expected to just "fall in line" with what the cadre pass along. You "aren't being paid" for an opinion and nobody cares if you don't like it. Those people should be dealt with accordingly, just as are racists. I think the biggest problems will come, not from lower enlisted, but rather higher ranking leadership.

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