I love that Conan's playing along with them. The animators are, of course, a small and zesty part of a truly enormous newsgathering enterprise. I love this quote from one of the stories out there:
The Taiwanese love Disneyland and all, but America is not the center of their universe. They don't watch everything we do. Americans think we're the center of the world -- this beautiful prom queen who thinks everyone is still looking at her years after high school.…
I wouldn't call this ruthless mocking as much as very entertaining banter.
This should be a regular segment.
I found their animated roundup of the current Wikileaks story much more informative than most of the US stories I came across, no surprise.
I'm in love with the Self-Pleasuring Bear and his monkey.
@5, it took me a moment to get that - he is "spanking the monkey", no?

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