Plus, they made it obvious that there is no net gain for us in starting a third unfunded Republican War of Adventure in Iran, when we can't even afford the two we're fighting right now.
But Charles, are you suggesting North Korea Is yet another failed socialist state?
This whole wikileaks affair is certainly interesting. But I'll stick with the old proverbs that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.
Secrecy begets tyranny.

If you think it's bad now, wait until the stupidity of American voters' election of scores of obtuse, destructive, poisonous GOP/TP'ers really begins to take hold. If you liked Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, you'll love the GOP/TP congress.

If you're a lawyer, you argue the law if the facts are against you, or the facts if the law is against you.

If you're a GOP/TP'er, you just argue, argue, argue, hoping that everyone will get so sick of you they will give up and let you have your way.

This is also how spoiled 2-year-old brats behave.
This is why the GOP&TP is called "The Terrible Two."
@2 - It is less an actual socialist state, than an authoritarian dictatorship. Kinda different. France and Germany and Sweden are socialist-democratic states, no failures or dictatorships there.

@3 - These cables, I think, represent a form of action.. the taking of a position, or the reporting of an action or position of another state. These aren't merely 'talk'. They are field reports... yes, not even necessarily informing foreign policy, but definitely reporting on the "action" of positions taken/stated by other states, and recommendations to our own state... recommendations which come with an identifiable bias towards goals and interests. Also, there are reports of actual actions taken. There's a lot to be seen in these things.

There will be books in the near future using these cable to analyze US foreign policy.

I just hope that Pyongyang doesn't continue to act like a spoiled child and throw a nuclear hissy fit over this info. The release of the cables is a profound moment, and of high historical import, but I just hope Kim Jong-Il doesn't lose what little shit he has left.

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