Wait, she was grunting (ew) before he even got her clothes off? Dude has some mad skillzs, as the kids say. Want good, randy hetero sex scenes? Emma Holly. Good M/M sex scenes? Josh Lanyon. Just trying to help, as an old English major, it's kind of my duty...
Bad as that section is, the bit about the lepidopterist was even more bizarre. What editor let that slide?
Canuck, you are a hero. If there were an award for helping people find good sex in fiction while others just complain about there being no award for good sex in fiction, I would award it to you.
I hate this crap! That's why Lauren Dane has the best books ever! Her women aren't simpid and in need of rescue, they are sex positive, and there is no silly purple prose. Not a single "heaving flower" to be found in her books.

Check it out!

Paul, you all should feature her! I have her contact info...
#2, I think it was a half-assed attempt at a Nabokov reference (because, you know, that'll save even the worst sex scene, right?)
Salon asked the same question this morning.
Thank you, gus, it's nice to have my rather odd skills appreciated, rather than whispered about over coffee as the neighbourhood cautionary tale...and may I just take a minute to point out the immense gratitude of my friends' husbands who were delighted by the side effects of their wives reading erotica rather than cookbooks...
8 has contests and awards all the time for good erotic writing.
I think she's a mermaid. That would explain so much.
@9. Or a vole...
A casual reading suggests not sex at all but a serial killer raping a corpse in a shallow grave.
"the nose of the loveliest nocturnal animal"? That, right there, is the single weirdest simile for a nipple I've ever seen. What, it has nostrils and cute whiskers?
An early contender for next year's prize was the New Yorker Short Story last week. Did anybody read it?

"Paint your landscape. Storm. Storm. Storm."
Ick! Now, I need a memory erase pill. Ick!

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