You might also enjoy this blog post about an Indian (someone from India, not a Native American or First Nations person) visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky.

Among the gems: "But my fear of shotgun-wielding redneck evangelical Xenophobic christians turned out to be entirely misplaced. Bad science apart, the place was thoroughly pleasant. Our carefully crafted Christian avatars were about as useful as a comb would be to Patrick Stewart.

I am always disappointed when my precisely nurtured stereotypes fail to come true."
Luckily, most extremist religious folks can't hit the broad side of a barn, even with an autoload shotgun.
Palin math. Make shit up, then reverse engineer some bullshit to "proove" it.
By my math, MASTURBATION will get you up to 153%.
Okay, 101% is okay, but to be just over 100%? Frankly, I think the lord would be a little pissed about that. If you REALLY want to impress him, though, you might consider that "Men and Chocolate" equals go all out, and don't be a pussy when you can be a true believer.
Zzzz gets you to 104%
And "Praise Allah" = 102%, which is even better than Love of God! So we know with scientific, mathematical, absolute, objective certainty that the only thing better than the love of god is to praise god--god as worshipped my Muslims.

I'm convinced. Puttin' down the bacon and headin' off to the mosque.
Well, using this formula, LOVE OF SATAN (12+15+22+5+15+6+19+1+20+
1+14) = 130%.

Thus, I have proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that SATAN is more powerful than GOD.
*by Muslims. Not "my Muslims." I claim no ownership of any person or religious group.
I've been unconvinced until I saw this video. I will convert now.
im absolutely jacking off to this video. great climax. whew
Is that the soundtrack to "The Rock" starring legendary actor Sean Connery?
Look out. The Christians have discovered arithmetic. There's no stopping them now.
I am pretty sure that numerology is considered the work of the Devil by most fundamentalist this is....*gasp*....BLASPHEMY! Oh Lord - we're all going to hell!
I can say with 101% honesty that this is at least as persuasive a proof of God's existence as I've seen.
GAY MARRIAGE=7+1+25+13+1+18+18+9+1+7+5= 105%
After all that hard math none of their numbers actually are percentages...there was no division...oh, for the 101!
LOVE OF COCK = 107... hmmm
Joh and Lynx nail it!

Thanks Paul for including us when you decided to share this with your friends and loved ones.
oh and Ben, too :-) that's hilarious
This video makes me want to barf.
numerology + uncredited sound track = god. Good to know.
I thought numerology was a black art...
For what it's worth, BULLSHIT = 103%.

I'll give these guys a discount, though, and suggest that the video is a mere 100% bullshit.
And how about their bastardizing of John Murphy's music? Worst use of In a House In a Heartbeat. Ever.

@9 Oh pish posh, COMTE. We all know that if the Devil is 6 then God is 7... then God is 7.
I'll stick to gematria, thanks.
I thought Joh was referring to how boring this post was...
Yes, it is "mathematically certain" that A=1, and B=2... and... wait a second... what if we do this in CHINESE! No! URDU! NO! ATHABASKAN!! Salish? Cyrillic? Xhosa? Creole? Korean? Indonesian? Tongan? Ancient Mayan!!!
@30 - I'm pretty sure if you don't speak English, you're going to hell.

Enjoy the secret message, loons!
And this video:…

"proves" that Mecca is in the Golden Ratio center of the world, making Islam God's obvious choice for the one true religion... for some reason.

In short: numbers are fun.
Therefore, one can conclude with mathematical certainty because of where letters fall numerically in the alphabet?

What does moron add up to?
I lol'd at their use of music from Pirates of the Caribbean, and 28 Days Later.
32: SUCK CY DICK? HUH? (lawl)

LOVE OF PORN is 138(%)
These numerological "Christians" are fucking idiots.
@36 - Crap! I can't type!
Selah an bless you Beloved!!

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I thought that your video was great.

Bill Meegan

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