I hear Richard Conlin will be busy accepting the coronation as Seattle's Unelected Mayor from Queen Gregoire on Wednesday, and can't attend.

Any truth to that rumor?

Oh, by the way, ask Chris G if she's seen the electoral map for who elected Sen. Patty Murray - yeah, that's us you're screwing. Your base, Christine.

Kill the frackin tunnel already.
Thanks for changing The Stranger tagline from "Seattle's Only Newspaper" to "Seattle's Only Non-Partisan News Source." Although the new tag still implies lack of bias at least it takes you off the hook for any actual journalistic integrity. This should be adequate to allow you to have a clean conscience when you host a public advocacy forum tomorrow night to promote your editorial views.
@2 you can't have NP if one side won't show up to debate stuff.

@3 -- Yes, another good reason to cancel the event.
@4 which one?

my bet is this will have more people show up than any of the "public Q&A forums" WSDOT is running.

And they didn't even serve cookies ...
Besides, there's still three alternatives officially studied - four if you count a straight teardown option.
@2, did you lose your sense of humor or have it removed? I'm just curious.

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