As a bunch of overfed Americans coming off a holiday of gluttony featuring a main course of animals who are pushed to eat until they get so big they can't mate, we shouldn't say shit about the French or the Belgians.
That's been available in Japanese branches of Denny's for a while. I've always assumed it wasn't real fois gras.
Engorged duck livers: The perfect way to celebrate Baby Jebus!
Foie Gras is perfect to celebrate anything... I love it.
The dirty hippies can go fuck themselves. Foie gras is damned tasty...and knowing how it's produced - the affirmation of humans being so incredibly dominant...just makes it tastier!
Some days, an apple is better.
Just another day at the top of the food chain.
I'd try it. Screw peta.
We're all animals, Bethany. Humans just have an incredibly high brain-case-to-body-size ratio compared to most other animals, that's all.

Combine this with opposable thumbs, stereoscopic vision, and a few higher cognitive functions and you get an animal that can write sonnets, make fire, split the atom, and shove corn down a goose's (or in this case, duck's) throat.
its not cruel. in case anyone doesn't know ducks store fat in their liver and unlike us they dont have a gag reflex when the tube shoots em with more food. how the animals are treated is another matter.
Whatever - There are bigger fish to fry....birds to explode....
@9: I know—that's the joke! Hi!
Western Europe has a long history of promoting animal cruelty, dating back to opposition in the 13th century when Scotland introduced the first non-religious animal cruelty law which banned tearing the skin off of live sheep for wool.

America has a great history of animal rights legislation, from The Jungle to Temple Grandin to California's 2008 bans of pig crates, veal, and foie gras (all still legal in Washington, unfortunately).

I hope a fast food company tries this here, so it raises awareness to ban foie gras nationally. I doubt it will happen, since corporations know it would hurt their bottom line.
Oh. My. God. is. that. stuff. good!
Foie Gras is the same as meat is the same as fowl is the same as dairy is the same as eggs. All of these use various methods, but the ultimate results are the same: death. You can't separate foie gras from meat, and likewise you can't separate fur from leather.

@13, I disagree with you that the US has a good history of animal rights legislation. AFAIK, The Jungle was more about the conditions poor immigrants needed to deal with and what they needed to do to get by, and not about protection of the animals killed (though many readers were concerned by the slaughterhouse depictions, if only from a food safety stance). And Temple Grandin doesn't protect animals, despite all the hoopla--she has made it easier for slaughterhouses to kill them.

Personally, I would rather see Meatless Monday or Happy Vegan Thursday efforts, rather than holding protests outside of restaurants against one specific type of meat that's served, or to get 12 square inches more in a battery cage. It just makes protesters look absurd. :(
The best way to serve foie gras is with a rust-tasting American beer.
@13, no one in the history of the world has ever torn the skin off a live sheep to get wool. That's not how you get wool. Shearing has been practiced for something like 35,000 years.
Mmmmmm.... foie gras

Veal should not only never be outlawed, it should be made mandatory. (What do you suppose dairy do when male dairy calves are born? Most don't get to go on to sire more dairy calves, I can tell you that much.)

If California banned veal, it's just one more fucking reason why that state sucks so bad.
@ 20, that's not the same thing.
Matt: Welcome to the Dark Side.

It's tasty.

OMG, I know! Leather is fab, but fur is *so* much better!!!
Animal hater.
jeeesus bethany, talk about gratuitous posting to just start a fight.
maybe someone whould recall that foie is fucking delicious!!!!!! honestly....... learn someting sbout food, most of it is made form dead animals, and not all of it is as good as foie
Foie Gras is fucking delicious. In fact, I'm going to eat some tonight.

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