As far as I'm concerned, Nancy Pelosi has it right when she says she's going to keep Obama from making any deals with the Repugnants.
"his image as a partisan liberal"? it bears repeating that conservatives don't live in the same country as i do. they should try asking a partisan liberal, ANY partisan liberal, if had-an-opportunity-to-curb-stomp-the-GOP-but-instead-gave-them-a-handjob obama is one. start with pelosi. she shouldn't be that hard to reach.

this country is FUCKED.
"It bears repeating that conservatives don't live in the same country as i do."

Sorry to break the news to you Max, but they do. In fact, since there are more of 'em out there, it's really probably closer to the other way around.

And as far as the Wicked Witch of the West goes, well, I guess if I have nothing good to say, it's better to say nothing at all.
same country, different reality.

and 5280, i would love to hear what not-nice things you (or anybody for that matter) has to say about nancy pelosi that doesn't inolve botox or how often she blinks. i hear a lot of people complaining about how much they hate her but no one seems to be able to articulate why, so please... spill!
What the fuck does any of this have to do with triangulation? Like, actual triangulation? As in, using directional and positional data to determine an unknown position? Words mean things!
Blip, you've been pretty cool so far, so I'll actually give you a dignified response. For me, it has a lot to do wiith her statement about a year ago that "I can get your guns any time I want, I'm just waiting for the right moment."

No shit, real quote. May she burn in Hell waiting for the "right moment."
"Triangulation" in a political context comes from the Clinton Administration, specifically Dick Morris, who first came up with the tactic during the 1996 election cycle. Basically, it refers to a candidate staking out a position that falls somewhere between the typical left/liberal-right/conservative ideologies, that is, a "middle ground" compromise position which adopts some of the ideas of one's opponent in order to mitigate any attacks coming from that side.

It should be noted that triangulation is almost exclusively a tactic used by politicians on the left-of-center side of the spectrum; I can't for the life of me think of a single conservative politician that has ever successfully utilized - or even attempted to utilize - it in a campaign.
@3: i should have said that conservatives live in a different REALITY than i do. i live in a liberal paradise/bubble called Seattle, where i don't have to talk to any of them, or be governed by any of them, except at the federal level. their 'logic' is exotic and appalling to my delicate, arts-school honed sensibilities.

can you link me to a source for that Pelosi quote? i put it in the google and zilch. sounds like nancy taking the piss to me.
You can't triangulate if you cave in.

Unless your idea of a triangle is a straight line of insanity.
Max, I probably could . . . if I wasn't really, really drunk. Ouch.
5280: thanks for the dignified reply to my (also dignified) question.
@9: Get off the Internet. You just got stupid.
@6 She lost me at "Impeachment is off the table." HATE that spineless quisling.
I'd like to "triangulate" every right-winger on the planet. I'm going to fold the U.S. constitution into a triangle shape and ram it up their fat asses.

Republicans and other conservatives get up every morning on the wrong -- or on the "right" -- side of bed. They get mad if the wind blows, or if it's not blowing. They get mad, stay mad, and go through their entire miserable little lives mad at everything and everybody. They are perpetually pissed off, especially at Sniveling Bleeding-Heart Liberal Pinko Commie Leftist Socialists who want to grab "their" money.

Why is this so, you may ask.

It's an interesting story. You see, conservatives have the head of an alligator at one end and the head of a crocodile at the other end. But if they have a head at both ends, how do they take a shit? They don't! That what makes them so mean!

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