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C'mon Brissey, "too lazy to ask"? Step up your game, or at least don't call attention to your failings. This, plus "I cannt Spel", plus the one-photo 'traffic report' uselessness... Earn your keep, brotherman. Be a reporter.
They are probably just regravelizing.
CHS reported a while back that the site is going to start back up. It was reported that construction will start by March.
That is what it looks like when people are getting ready to work with their hands, not just their fingertips.
Best. Journalist. Ever.
bring back the tetherball!
What if they were going to work with their mouth, what would that look like?
They're going to build a place called Cha-Cha Lounge, a bar called the Bus Stop, and a shitty convenience store. Then we're all gonna listen to Pretty Girls Make Graves and it'll be 2004 again! Wheeeeeeee!
... does Grant actually *do* anything to earn his paycheck?
Canuck, now that you mention it I have worked my mouth and fingertips, sometimes simultaneously, at almost every business that once stood on that lot: Tugs Belmont, Puss Puss Cafe, Marcus' nasty little clothing store I loved so well, the original Bus Stop, a tiny grocery with Korean porn, the Cha Cha, Squid Row....

The faceless developer that cleared the lot just renewed a permit to build 108 apartment rental units there, so if it gets built I'll have to see if I get up in there to add another chapter to my linguo-digital history on the block.
You should do more posts like this over time, where your communicative skills degrade with each post, and each has a more and more out of context image. End it with a picture of something utterly weird like a clown eating a hot dog and just title it "wtf".
Ah gus, to be a fly on the wall during your no doubt colourful tenures of an apartment complex? I may, perhaps, have to lend you one of my naughty books to give you some fresh ideas for a little mouth/fingertip coordination as applied to the bare stage of an empty apartment. If things work out the way they do in my novels, you will meet a lonely but forceful ex-Navy SEAL in the lobby who has given up on love....
@8: Those developers should totally buck the market trends and do that! If you don't bet big, you don't win big, right? No one ever cleaned house from the sidelines, after all.
Slog really needs to install a 1 to 5 star rating for each of its posts so it can determine the quality of its content.

Needless to say I would give this post a single star.
I would give you a single star.

Seattle finally got sensible and is deciding to raze crappy over priced "condos" and convert that valuable land to free parking lots.
@11 - I'd follow that.
Now that's some great investigative reporting!
as i understand it, the owners of the lot have some construction prep work to do that crosses on to the property of that condo building. i believe those chunks of concrete are what used to be their back patio.
They're shooting a remake of The Wire. This is the set for the Low Rises. They just need a couch and some cops, the dealers are already there.
Maybe it's an out-of-work Bobcat operator who heard the K Kurrent is closing and thought they would see if it needed to be inefficiently bulldozed.

5 stars
I miss the Kincora.
Grant Brissey is slowly but surely becoming my favorite Slogger.
That's one lazy bulldozer.
@ 19: That is correct. I saw them working on it on the way in to work.

@ 20: FTW.
Thai restaurant.

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