She named her child with DS Trig. I don't think I'll put anything past Sarah Palin.
Nothing that Palin does shocks me. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she has actually eaten one or more of her kids.
Reading through the lines, I think Cho is saying she heard this through Bristol herself.
no story here.
This just in: Sarah Palin widely believed to be crazy!
Nothing says family values like, "Dance, you little whore!"

Here she is instructing Bristol how to put up her wardrobe:…

Paul, I'm a fan, but do you get paid per Palin-related post on Slog? Can I offer you $1 more than that amount to get you to stop posting Palin-(and-Beck-)related material?
clicks generate ad revenue, palin generates clicks.
posting to contribute to the problem.
This is how the bullies win. You can escape high school, but you can't escape the high school antics.
Some day, somebody's coming out with book about her mom and it is going to be shocking!

And somebody's mom is going to say she never saw it coming...
When is National Stop Talking About Sarah Palin Day? Because, I'm tired of it. Stop.
Actually sounds pretty believable. Considering what we know about Mama Grizzly, she probably believes that she would have won in '08 if not for x. (Yes, it's clear that she thinks the election was all about her.) Bristol is probably not the first or only person she has blamed for being a loser, but one of the closest, so she'll take the most heat. She also blames the lamestream media, terrorist pals, McCain's staff ... everyone except her own damn ignorant self.
This is not how you win an argument against Sarah Palin fans.

This is how you do that:…
There is nothing motherly about Sarah Palin.
margaret cho has nothing to lose by lying about this, however this sounds completely believable. i'm skeptical, but i looooooved reading it.
"I heard from someone that" + "supposedly" + celebrity blog = get real, Paul
I'm on board with this...
i find every word of this very easy to believe, but cho should be able to offer some kind of evidence if she's going to put it in print for all to see.
What the hell, people? She's not a journalist, so why are so many acting like she shouldn't post up gossip until she's verified the information, like a journalist? I don't care any more about Margaret Cho's perception of Sarah Palin than I do that of Louis C.K. or David Cross.

@14: Fuck Joe Scarborough. "Palin's not a stupid woman." Oh yeah? Watch that Diane Sawyer interview again.
Sarah Palin is nothing but a bravo-tango seatcover for a broken-down Chevy with automatic transmission. She's a fucking idiot who sports a grin like a cat eating shit out of a hairbrush.
"Highly irresponsible" doesn't mean what you think it means.
Never doubt Margaret Cho!
Whatever. I'm going to redeem my "i'm a sheep" card on this one. Believe it.
There won't be any "proof" Palin's camp is too good for that to leak out.

I thought it was very strange for even Bristol to make the B list on DWTS. Then as she continued on it was obvious that the "judging" found a way to keep her on the show.

For Palin's presidential run, when do we get to start to call her a TV personality instead of a former governor? After all, she will have been a media star longer than a governor.

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