Hmm... There may be a touch of seasonal bias in thier ice cream truck location sampling.
Dammit - 'their'
Molly Moon caters only to the whitest neighborhoods in Seattle.

Fuck em. We got Full Tilt in the south end.
If Molly's ice cream was as good as her marketing, I might eat there occasionally.
RIP Underdawg. :(

The only thing that would make me feel better is ice cream....
Somehow, MM ice cream is tough. I don't know how you make ice cream tough.
Sweet. I will be eating at the Ballard location on AT LEAST a weekly basis in February.
Who the fuck eats ice cream in the winter?
Full Tilt on Rainier, or GTFO.

(I also like Old School Frozen Custard in a pinch).
@3: Not really. Madrona is 58.6% white. Seattle average is 70.1%. Ballard and Queen Anne are in the 80s (as is Cap Hill and Wallingford where their current two stores are). If the really wanted to cater to white people exclusively, they'd open a store in Madison Park.
Madrona and Queen Anne are most in need. Ballard at least has gelato.
i was petting the dog from the logo last week her name is parker and she is the homie

"In more recent years, as the neighborhood has gentrified, Madrona has been steadily returning to a more Caucasian demographic. The 2000 Census notes that, of the 5,097 residents in King County Census Tract 78 (covering Madrona east of 31st Avenue), 72% are Caucasian (up from 65% in 1990), 20% are African American (down from 29% in 1990), and 4% are Asian (roughly unchanged from 1990). Census Tract 77, two-thirds of which is in the Central District, has a significantly higher percentage of African American residents."
What's wrong with too many white people? If complaining about too many black peoPle makes you racist, does complaining about too many white people mean you're still angry at mom and dad for raising you and giving you a college education and sOciology degree?
This is what happens when someone hires a "SEO/SEM Consultant" - somebody comes up with a harebrained scheme to get customers to like them on Facebook.
What's the point, you know they're going to open their new store in West Seattle. Ballardites can go to Wallingford, just like the Fremonsters and the U District co-eds.

This is a faux contest.
overly biased sample, especially when it's cold/rainy and/or snowy.

that being said, when we lived in germany, we had gellato almost daily throughout the cold winter, was a good way to wait for the tram. it was cheap (1 euro for a large scoop) and significantly tastier than that overpriced shit molly keeps churning.

I used to live on 29th and Cherry. Indeed there is a line of demarcation thereabouts (I would say 29th is in fact that line right now) that seemed like it is in the process of creeping westwards.

Madrona struck me as being primarily a neighborhood of affluent families. And the "Alehouse" there is terrible.
Thanks, but I'll take Baskin and Robbins any day over Molly Moon.
@16 - A West Seattle location - at least one near the Junction - would probably be a mistake. The local loyalty to Husky Deli killed the Ben & Jerry's that had a go of it there.

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