So, we should have been saying "Gay as a Hatter" ?
The article about Colombia's dueling pageants is fascinating. I've been getting kind of excited about race relations in Latin America lately, mostly in Cuba, Haiti, and Brazil (I don't know much about Colombia). I don't think it's fully possible to understand the African-American experience without understanding how slavery worked in other countries in the New World.

I met a Miss Venezuela once -- Venezuela takes their beauty pageants even more seriously than Colombia. It was a terrifying experience; she wasn't just gorgeous but almost freakishly so -- I felt uncomfortable even looking at her, like I didn't know where I could safely rest my eyes. She was in mufti, not a gown or anything, but still. A living doll, and she knew it. Not really a human interaction at all. Shudder.
Good thing the CBO didn't say unemployment benefits was the #1 government funded job creation program they could think of, or anything.

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