Love and Other Drugs: Jake Gyllenhaal Naked, You Guys!


Brom is local gothic fantasy artist as well as a noted one. Nice guy, too...
Awesomely written review.
I don't want to see this movie after reading this review for some odd reason. Must get back to the TARDIS....
I've met Brom. He is very nice, and seems very sad.
@4 and how long did it take until your pants were off?
Jesus fuck, bring back the goddamn facifist libertarian anarchist UI until you can get one who can fucking write something coherent - a paragraph, maybe?
Couple things:

1 - Starting a film review with, "I once heard this one witty remark but don't feel like googling it, so here's my paraphrasing of something I may not even be quoting" is not a good idea.

2 - Anne Hathaway naked. Yes, yes, yes.

3 - Thank the FSM that the Daily Show dropped Josh Gad. That guy was on-screen poison from the first moment I saw him. Damn you for bringing him up.
Lindy, this intern is not made of the right stuff. You're like a master potter working with Play-Doh here. The results look approximately right, but fall apart during closer inspection. Plus, your finger prints are all over it.
Do you see Jake's naughty bits?
Boo. Fake Lindy, booooo!
Anne Hathaway has (quite to my surprise) a rocking pair of tits. I give this movie two erections straight up.
This movie was crap. You get I think two bare-ass shots of Jake, and the boner scene is totally implied. Pah. Skip this, rent Jar Head. His santa dance --… -- is a thousand times sexier than anything in Love and Other Drugs.
@12 thanks for including the only bit of info I actually read this terrible review to find out. lol. will be skipping this one. plus didn't it already get reviewed on here a few weeks ago?
@12 This review leads me to believe that its supposed to be wall-to-wall Jake Gyllenhaal nudity! Maybe not peen (unrated DVD, hopefully), but practically Jake drops his pants every chance he gets. Is this impression wrong?

Also, I hate Anne Hathaway...but I'd suffer her to see Jake naked for 100 minutes.
You can't fool me, that's Lindy West. Lindy West minus some CAPITAL LETTERS.
Jakey naked for a few minutes and also extremely adorable for the whole movie is more than worth the price of admission. Movie itself isn't bad.
Gyllenhaal is on the edge of the bed because the poster was photoshopped. Originally the director was in the picture with them on the other side of Anne Hathaway. All three were naked and they were doing a see no evil hear no evil say no evil pose (hence Gyllenhaal's hand over his mouth). Interestingly enough Hathaway's head was supposedly photoshopped as well, which instantly made me notice that her head does look a bit off-almost as if she has a foot long neck or something.…