"You Be Like, 'Maury, I Am Not the Father of That Baby,' and Post-Structuralism Be Like, 'You Are the Father of That Baby'"


That was kind of perfect. Reminds me of this:


I like how the "white voice" he does sounds like every Seattlelite I've ever met. Fuck this city is WHITE. Man I miss black people.
wow black man talks philosophy. how bout that. only he doesnt know what hes talking about so i guess its all cool . its all in the presentation beotch. err
@aardvark: Nigga ignorant? He's got your number:

"...another frail, God-forsaken, limp-dick motherfucker spewed out upon this planet to lead another empty life along with the rest of the lemmings on the subway."

What you got?
@aardvark, when he talks about there being no such thing as the "good old days," he's summarizing Foucault pretty well. He even talks about the metanarrative.
@4 i think he means me, you and himself included. if he doesnt hes an asshole. i dont care about your nigga shit.

@5 yeah, but that's about it. unless i missed something else, his examples could mostly very well be used in any broad post movement sense including modernism. i just think its more specific than what he said.