John McCain: Bigot, Liar, Asshole


...and this is news?
@1 Dunno if he meant it to be news... Savage just likes to blag about stuff. Anyway, I saw this last night - very funny stuff! If only McCain had seen the "it gets worse" thing and gotten the message.
If McCain had won the '08 election, would he have disputed the results since not everyone voted?

Does McCain want the drinking age lowered to 18 (since he believes those willing to die for the military are all grown up and are quite capable of making decisions)?
The thing about McCain is he has difficulty hiding when he's spewing bullshit. I can easily tell the difference between when he actually believes in something and when he knows he's wrong but is trying to sell it anyway. The way he stumbled over saying servicemen should be allowed to vote on what policies they follow shows desperation... sad homophobic desperation.
Stinkbug, the whole "drinking age" thing is a huge can of worms. To make things even worse, the NRA (against my advice) is now on a mission to lower the age for handgun ownership to 18 also, for the same reason.

I'm old enough that the drinking age was 18 when I turned 18. And you know what? I abused the living bejesus out of it. I don't think either move is particularly intelligent.
They showed the Black Knight bit without making a joke that McCain no longer had a leg to stand on? :)
On top of the overwhelming neutral-to-positive response, if 62% of the people who received the survey couldn't be bothered to fill it out, they can't feel _that_ strongly about it.
..... not a COWARD, too?
McCain is the de facto leader of his party, the most recent presidential candidate. And he's a complete and utter piece of shit. That's all you need to know.
Wait, he actually pulled the "only 6% of the army responded" line? I read that in an article and assumed it was bullshit.

I mean, the guy's a politician. He knows how polls work. How does he get away with lying like that?
Survey: 1-To examine or look at comprehensively.
2-To inspect carefully; scrutinize.

Poor illiterate danny and his credulous bawking fanbase confuse 'poll' and 'survey'.
Gee, we could have sent five times as many surveys and made the surveying cost five times more than it did. Is he really advocating that in our current economic climate?
@ 1, ditto!

I mean, the jackhole Amerikanski news is always referring to McCain as a "war hero" when in actuality, of course, he's a war whore of the worst sort.

First, speak to a cross range of POWS, and they'll tell you McCain, who lasted less than 24 hours in combat prior to being captured, received special treatment due to his daddy, Admiral McCain, who liked his McCain ass off about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, was head of the Pacific Forces at the time of his capture.

Next, McCain (the senator jackhole) happened to bomb his very own naval carrier.

Also, McCain lost something like five planes.

The guy is the losingest douchebag ever.

What that lying jackhole loser is, he's no war hero, and he's definitely not intelligent enough to even be the typical stooge from Arizonaville.
For McCain to be bigot necessitates that he actually believes the things he currently says about DADT.
I hate McCain in ways that should make him lie awake at night in terror.

But the word "bejeanshorted" might amuse me long enough to give McCain a decent night's sleep. JUST ONE, THOUGH.
Politicians need to retire before they get this old and senile.
McCain is a war hero to some, but he's un-American in my book. Look at his opposition to the Jones Act.
you forgot "insane"
I don't understand McCain anymore. He no longer acts like a real person. I think it is a result of selling his soul piece by piece over the last ten years.

I mean, I understand Joe Lieberman. He is just a self important blowhard. Lots of people are like that. I understand George Bush. We all have neighbors just like him. I understand Mitch McConnell. He is just a garden variety weasel. All of these guys act like real people even if you disapprove of them.

Who the hell acts like John McCain though? He is like a badly written character in a play who is supposed to illustrate some deep point about selling your soul. He is like a withered husk that has some alien inhabiting his hollowed out body. He no longer acts in a way that makes human sense.
@11: The DADT survey WAS a survey, by definition 1. All you cockmonglers don't know shit about confidence intervals, statistical significance, or sample size. The sample was large enough (and selected more or less randomly, and therefore unbiased) that the probability that it does not represent the overall population accurately is minuscule. Therefore, it WAS comprehensive. Don't play statistics with me, you little bitch.
@19 that was beautiful and a completely accurate assessment. Thank you
#8 & 11

Looks like Magnifico is back. Ready for another beat down, ya smarmy, little ignorant troll?
As Dan said oh-so-eloquently on Olberman: "...not to put too fine a point on it, McCain is a bigot. There's really no other explanation for his backflips and hypocrisy than just irrational animus."

Can't get much more accurate than that.
I love that an openly gay man was hacking black knight McCain to pieces.
I wish I could watch this video, but tragically, it's blocked outside of the US. I don't even know what I should google to see if the video is available elsewhere...
McCain is another of the AIPAC whores, and without their money, would never have served a second term. He is a brainwashed Marxist since his teachings from the Viet Cong. He cozied up with another Communist JEW and got the worthless, useless, freedom limiting McCain-Feingold law passed which Buffoon Bush signed into law in 2002. The people of Arizona must continually have heat strokes to keep electing this POS (piece of shit).