Lunchtime Quickie: Traffic Report, The Spokane Washington Edition


well fuck you too, Spokane!
I've never been prouder.
Hm, a few strips of black electrical tape, and we could have dozens of cross walk signs flipping people off in no time at all!
this is why i hated spokane when I lived there (only for a year though) it's like the whole city is giving its residents the finger
and @4, sounds like a good plan for this weekend!
they did this to the signal near bauhaus awhile back...but it was the metal sign (black tape over middle & ring finger) instead of flipping off
What's funny is, of the hundreds of lights in Spokane, this one is right where most people get off the freeway and enter Spokane. A 'welcome' gesture, if you will.
I may or may not have done this at the corner of Madison & 13th like 9 years ago... just two quick bursts of black spraypaint and POW - Seattle walkers get a firm, firm message: GET OFF YOUR FEET AND INTO A GODDAMNED CAR ALREADY!! F U!!
They should all be that way!
I know where that intersection is. And it's kind of fitting the snow services here sucks and has no consideration for pedestrians.
@8: Not really. That's the Maple Street exit in the video; anymore, I think most people enter Spokane through Division or (my usual way) Trent.
@7 I remember that across from Bauhaus. A lovely thing it was. This middle-finger gesture could also fit at the corner of Olive & Denny, where at least twice daily I have to watch my back b/c someone is ready to roar down the hill. I'm constantly afraid for people wearing earbuds. If there's one crosswalk that's the biggest FU to pedestrians in town, I wager that would be it.