Last Night's ArtWalk Was Great. Tomorrow Looks Good For Art Too.


Tonite is the Lenin Lighting in Fremont, when Lenin gets a giant Red Christmas Star on his head.

Santa and his Troll helpers will be there, handing out hot cocoa to all the kidlings.

Plus, it's Fremont First Friday Artwalk.

Woo hoo!
Ha ha ha ha hoo hoo ha ha ha!! Jen your are SO funny, SO full of whimsey and lightheartedness- my my my my...the holiday spirit has overtaken you with sillIness and good cheer! It only makes me think of one thing... How LAME this is and how PATHETIC the SOIL "Picasso spoof" really is in all it's" tomfoolery" and stupidity! UGH!!!
And BTW, why is it that only Seattle and yur dumbass would give such importance to a thing such as this bulls**t when SAM has created an amazing and surprisingly good show the likes of which we rarely get to see around here? Can't people just appreciate and enjoy this and stop wiith the lame attempts at "Art"? As if that tired "Arc of Picasso" at Kucera wasn't bad enough and a sad thinly executed attempt at homage featuring some of the worst crap seen in a long time ( which you loved you brown noser) now you support this? YOU should be embarrassed by your approach to all this- SO JUVENILE Jen!!!
I can only give the wonderful advice I gleaned here from your slog on post structuralism and offer these dopes this-when you can't make it- just over explain it-oh and that goes for you to Graves!
Maybe if all those losers could stop trying to be so damned clever and cute and actually create something smart and worthy for a change- wait- I forgot who I'm talking to...
oh and speaking of SAM- I noticed you never had the balls to report on your supposed Ebsworth interview and address the Hopper gift "issue" and as for Derek Cartwright- why in the hell would he want any of that crap and besides- I'm quite sure he's very proud of that exhibition.
GAWD you're loser!!!
...links anyone?
Hibrowgorilla - you must be fun to watch movies with.
Although I haven't seen the SOIL show, I thought that Kucera's selections for his show were in many ways far more interesting than the show at SAM–perhaps because I have been overexposed to Picasso. His prints and sculptures have always interested me more than his paintings.

It was the gorgeous photographs of him and by him that made the SAM exhibition for me. Picasso was so concrete, so real in those.