Sometimes You Just Crave a House the Size of Your Armpit


Tumbleweed homes are similar. They're based out of Oregon. I was inside one, and I liked it.
Mmm, less vacuuming...and check out this one:…
@1, Squeeee!!! Thanks for another tiny housing company to drool over. You made my evening.
I love a small footprint as much as the next person, but I guess I've just spent too many years living in armpit-sized spaces (including a converted school bus that was fitted with a teensy woodstove) to long for such again.

There's charm, to be sure, but... after a while you REALLY start to feel the need to unbend yourself - kinda like yoga.
I've been obsessed with all manner of tiny houses for a while, and these are extra super adorable. Thanks!
7 has a general overview of the "tiny house movement" and it has a gallery of "picturesque homes.

here is a bunch of links to other tiny house-makers and resources
I also recommend Jay Shafer's (founder of tumbleweed tiny house co) appropriately slim volume "The Small House Book"
might as well just live in a 350 sq ft studio in a prewar in manhattan.
if i was going to choose to live in so little space, i wouldn't clog it up with a big ol' honkin' boob tube.
Where am I going to put all my books and records?
Absolutely, it has long been my dream to buy one of these and 10 acres somewhere and pack it out of the Jet City.

Only thing holding me back is I'm waiting for Clear wimax to spread across the empty parts of the US and for Sun Cataltyx to release their home hydrogen fuel cell generator.…
@9 - but notice their prices.
Here's a blog from a friend of mine chronicaling her construction of her own tiny house:

She just handed the blog off to another friend who is about to start building his tiny house.

It's a pretty neat read.
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On your iPad, Fnarf.
You can't play vinyl on an iPad, tiktok.
I'm transferring my vinyl to CD, which I then put on my iPod. It's work, but I enjoy the music. Of course, you lose the charm of vinyl, and the character of the record covers.